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    We met online in Second Life in 2007, were friends a year and then we had to admit deeper feeling for each other :) We 'married' in SL in Oct '08, met the following May for a week and we were hooked! I've been there summers and Christmas' since. He's been to Canada to visit my family as well. We've bought furniture together, decorated, travelled.
    And now I'm home!! Can't wait for our wedding day on Oct. 15th.
    If you can get through the whole Visa process, you can get through anything :)

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  1. Getting tired of the anxiety felt every morning before calling the NVC - here's to hoping my P3 is logged soon

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    2. ralyse


      Yeah, I'm with JeannieL, it can't hurt to send it a second time. Worst that happens is they log your other one first.

    3. teday


      HI guys, do you know whether Montreal has received it yet? If they did , DOS would know. If they haven't , I agree that maybe you should resend. If they have received it , then just keep calling. I called DOS ( about PKt4) so many times and they said no and no and no and then I finally got someone to say oh ya it was logged last week........ so keep pressing them to answer your questions. Hang tight. x

    4. Tileeka


      I resent it but to the old address on the website and someone signed for it yesterday. Sent it with a letter apologizing if they get 2 copies and acted dumb, saying I mailed it to the wrong address the first time. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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