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    I met my fiancee in August 2009. I was on a trip on an excursion and he was my photographer. He was very nice and plus we had an instant connection something I only saw in movies. We spoke over lunch and he asked for my number and I was like yeah ok like he is really going to call. The day that I got home I saw a number that was very strange on my caller ID and it was him. I was like a little girl so excited. We spoke for hours! Ever since then we have spoke on the phone I have been very fortunate to visit him quite often. My sister, brother in law and mom has met his whole family. I sent in my papers in January becasue I wanted to take my time and this is very important. Now I wish I would of done it sooner. I am patient and know the day that we get approved after that it will all be a blur because it seems the process goes fast after this long wait. I have faith that things are going to be ok, that is what we keep saying to ourselves. Positive outlook! We love eachother very much and have such a great communication and relationship. We Wish luck to everyone!

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  1. Still patiently waiting!!!!!! At least Vermont is almost done with November!

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    2. G&G In LOve

      G&G In LOve

      Thankyou for all the hope. I tried to add a foto but it didnt go thru!

    3. Rebeca&David


      Now Vermont is almost done with December!!:)

    4. G&G In LOve

      G&G In LOve

      But really how acurate are those dates just asking?

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