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    Daniel and I met through mission work in Bogota in January 2010. We had been introduced to each other via facebook 3 years before that. Neither of us had any idea at the time we were talking to the love of our lives. Its funny and incredible how God works things our for you. I go down to visit once a month, my job as a flight attendant allows me to do that timewise and financially. This past year has been the craziest, most stressful, and yet most wonderful year of my life. We are so close to the next part of this journey. I think this first part is the hardest because you are forced to spend this time apart from each other. Even though the next few years will continually be full of immigration non-sense, at least we will be facing it together everday. I know these harder times will make us appreciate being together even more. Thanks for the encouragement. We are so blessed.

    Daniel & Laura
    NOA1 Received: 10-15-10
    Contacted Congressmen: 3-15-10
    Contacted Congressmen again and got approval: 4-13-10
    Contacted VSC (2nd tier) to confirm approval: 4-14-10
    NOA2 Received: 4-15-10 (182 days from NOA1)
    Arrived at NVC, new case # assigned: 4-19-11
    Left NVC: 4-20-11
    Arrives at BOG consulate: 4-27-11
    Package 3 forms sent: 4-27-11
    Interview: 6-16-11 APPROVED!!!!!
    Picked up visa/passport at DOMESA: 6-22-11
    Daniel comes to the USA: 7-5-11
    OUR WEDDING DAY!!! 7-22-11
    Mailed AOS documents: 8-29-11
    AOS received in Chicago: 8-30-11
    NOA1 received: 9-2-11
    I797c appointment notice received: 9-12-11
    Biometrics appointment: 9-26-11

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  1. Interview date...JUNE 16th!!! :)

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    2. divinos


      Hello, I was just wondering, did your fiance download his packet 3 and sent it as soon as the embassy received your case instead of waiting for it on the mail? I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this. Thanks

    3. Daniel and Laura

      Daniel and Laura

      yes thats exactly what we did. you can download the forms off of their website, as soon as you confirm the embassy has your case, send the forms via email and they will send you back confirmation, and let you know that they will be scheduling your appointment and sending you the packet 4. if you have more questions, let me know! :)

    4. VECOURE


      pues deseo que te vaya muy bien en la cita..... y espero q me cuentes como te fue?

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