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    Back in late 2009, that first tweet to each other.
    Our hearts smiled.

    ABIG was born.

    Since that very first moment I knew my life was destined to Him and Him only. I knew He would have been everything I have ever dreamed of.
    We had to overcome a few hurdles, but not once we thought about giving up on what we felt from the very first beginning.
    He didn't need a key to open my heart....it has always been His.

    AB proposed to IG on January 8th 2011... it was the most amazing feeling of my life.
    The way we love and adore each other is one of a kind... it will lead us through any kind of hurdle.

    --> Currently status <-- waiting to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man on earth.

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  1. I really feel like poop. This is just not right...I've been making plans for our italian vacation for the last 5 months...planned our engagement party also..they cannot cancel his vacations now.. it's just not fair...I'm at work and all I wanna do is go home and cry my eyes out.

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    2. no  more

      no more

      yes its hard to plan! I tried to plan our wedding but here we are waiting 7 months so far....I decided that we will do something simple...Are you cancelling your trip??

    3. Hannah and Giulio

      Hannah and Giulio

      Oh! Dai vedrai che andra' meglio; presto riceverete il NOA2 e poi andrai tu da lui il prima possibile :)

    4. seila&brian
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