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    CatherineTheGreat reacted to BigDaddy28 in N-400 only 2 tax returns as LPR   
    No it will not be a problem by the time you get your interview you should already file for your taxes. Once you do that take it with you to your interview and give a copy to the officer. Or if you want to send as well the 2010 taxes and write an explanation letter that when you filed 2010 you were not a permanent resident and you were on F1 visa as well. I'm sure they won't give you a hard time. Good luck.
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    CatherineTheGreat reacted to BigDaddy28 in How To Expedite Naturalization Oath in Cases of Impending Travel   
    Thank you Catherine. You can call the federal court on Broadway and ask to speak to the person responsible for the naturalization ceremonies there. You can ask her about the dates they have for the oaths. But they know the oaths that will happen in a month or 2 not more then that.
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