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  1. Need help for scheduling online for US Embassy Interview?

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    2. E&A


      as what I read and learn I think u have to wait ur eligible letter for ur interview but not ur medical exam. u just need ur photocopy of your NOA2 letter and NVC letter showing your MNL case no. in order for u to have a medical exam but u need to pay the medical exam fee first, You dont need to wait for eligibility letter for medical exam but for interview yes..Ask some pro filers or search some sites with regards on this topic. I hope it helps!!Good luck.

    3. JohnloveChona0503


      @E&A Thank you! So Eligibility letter is only needed once the date for schedule has been set up already? Meaning after you paid the Visa Fee and go online or call the Visa Information at the US Embassy for scheduling? Is that right?

    4. E&A


      YW! Call the us embassy for ur interview schedule or do it online, if u will do it online just make sure that u paid the visa fee first.It's up to u if u will wait for ur usem letter, but u can do it online anyway. Btw, did u already pay the medical fee? ask some pro filers just to make sure or call the us embassy.

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