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  1. I have a question hoping I can get an answer from here: I've been here in the US for more than 4 years. Can I now apply for naturalization since I've been married to a US citizen or should I just renew my philippine passport since it is already expired?

    1. matuk tuokan

      matuk tuokan

      If you are married to a US citizen within three years you are eligible to apply for UScitizenship.

    2. nigel


      see your p.r card go from issue date add 3 yrs minus 90 days, then you can apply on the 4 yr rule.

      make sure you have been physical presence in the usa for at least 18mths in 3 yrs.

      Make sure you have filled at least 3 yrs of joint taxes, and there is no warrents for your arrest.

      all that and ya good to apply.

    3. nigel


      sory typo (3yr rule) not 4