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  1. Same situation here, I think. I have posted on this topic in the past. We are leaving tomorrow to visit Russia. My wife has a plane ticket in her maiden name and will use her Russian passport, until customs/immigration at the entry point back into the U.S., at which time she will show her US passport. We will bring the original marriage certificate just in case. If you are able to get your name changed on your Russian passport then great, but as previously pointed out that can be difficult.
  2. Thank you for the answers. Part of my concern is that she has not changed her name on her Russian passport, but the consensus seems to be that we will be fine as long as we bring the marriage certificate along.
  3. This topic has probably been discussed, but I could not find it with a cursory search . . . My wife still has her Russian internal and travel passports in her maiden name. US passport is in her married name (middle name = maiden last name). Please verify whether this is a good strategy: 1. Book roundtrip ticket to Moscow under her maiden name. 2. Show Russian documents to Delta agent and TSA at origin. 3. Show Russian documents to get through Russian customs. 4. When checking in for return flight, show Russian and US passport, plus marriage certificate, to Delta agent in Moscow. 5. Show blue passport to US customs upon arrival. I think this is basically what we did when she had a green card, I just want to doublecheck if there is anyone who has traveled recently with a similar situation. Is there a chance that a Russian official at the airport will want to see her ID that matches the name on the ticket, and if so would it possibly cause trouble that she is maintaining dual citizenship?