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    June 09, 2008- James received This email of confirmations that they have received the payment thru paypal for the Law Office service of Gary L. Stanley Jr,, LLC $500.00 USD June 11, 2008- We receive the Questionnaire links from the Law Office.. June 30, 2008- James Receive the Form links for [KBQI08490-1] December 19, 2008- James received a notice that they approved our I129F PETITION FOR FIANCE(E). December 29, 2008- James received thru email the embassy information That the packet now goes to New Hampshire for an FBI check it usually takes 4 weeks... The packet is then sent overseas to embassy via consular pack which can take up to 7 weeks for them to receive. Once they receive it, they will contact me to schedule the interview appointment... January 2, 2009- document I129F, PETITION FOR FIANCE(E) was processed and mailed. Sept 06, 2009- were Getting married in las vegas...

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