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  1. simistar

    Moving company rec's- California to British Columbia

    thank you thank you thank you!! This is ALL very helpful information. Quick question, since you seem to know what you're talking about:-) Can I pack the majority of items and just leave the big stuff, like dining table, couches , dressers, etc to them? And also maybe glasses and plates etc that are breakable...? Or is it an all or nothing thing...i.e. they either pack ALL of it, or none of it? On our move down here to Cali from Canada, I think it was Allied who moved us. My husband's company paid for them to come and pack and move us. They were TERRIBLE. They put stuff into storage that I told them like five times was not meant for storage and also broke a number of things. I'd like to pack the majority of things myself, since I'm more organized than most movers and I like to know where things are:-) But I also know if I pack it, I'm responsible for it. So breakable things and the TV and big things like couches etc I'd like them to take care of... Thanks for your help!
  2. simistar

    Moving company rec's- California to British Columbia

    wow - thank you AGAIN!! Yeah, we haven't figured out the cars yet - uuugh. When we moved here, our cars weren't allowed into California (for super dumb reasons:-)) so we had to sell and buy cars here... We're hoping our cars allowed into Canada! But we don't know for sure... we may truck/ship them to Seattle and drive them over the border ourselves... Thanks for the tips on maximizing reimbursement :-) Sounds like you know what you're doing:-)
  3. simistar

    Moving company rec's- California to British Columbia

    THANK YOU!!! This is helpful even if we can't use the same company:-) That's interesting about how only two can bring stuff across the border... I wonder if that's the same going back INTO Canada... Hmmm... Thank you so much for your helpful response:-)
  4. Hi helpful people of visa journey! I haven't been on here here for awhile, as we have been living in California with all our residency / citizenship stuff sorted. Except now, we are moving back ( husbands work)...? Anyone have recommendations for a moving company they used for a cross border move ? You know... where the company didn't try to rip you off and were professional ?;) My husbands company is paying the lions share , but we need to find the movers ... recommendations appreciated