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  1. I've looked at the guides and cannot seem to find the answers to the following questions--so any advice experienced folks have would be greatly appreciated! My husband, who is now a US citizen, would like to bring his mom to the US to help with childcare for when we have a child. My understanding is that it will take around 1 year for the I-130 to be processed, is that about right? Then, his mom would have a conditional green card for 2 years until given the opportunity to naturalize to be a US citizen-- is that right? So she would need to be in the US what... 3 years before becoming a US citizen? We are just trying to figure out if doing the I-130 is the best route, versus getting her a tourist visa. Ideally, we'd like for her to come and go to her home country as she wishes, which is why a 3 year commitment to become a US citizen feels like a long time. However, obviously, the tourist visa is less secure. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on the best way to get her here for ~1 year would be, especially in the current political climate? Thanks so much!