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  1. Hello Everybody. I have quick question please. I have been a U.S. citizen for about 8 Years. and i am already a dual citizen. So my question is, My wife's an American-Italian. And i am already eligible to apply for Italian citizenship. will be there any problem to go ahead and start my paper work ? or there will be any problems? because we know each country they have their own rules. like the Oath of allegiance? any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Sand

    B1/B2 or Just B2 ?

    Hello everybody, i am filling up form online for my sister to visit me in the USA. but i am a little bit confused about the B visas . B1/B2 visa for Business & Tourism (Temporary visitor) The B2 Visa for Tourism/Medical treatment, So both of them are the same when it comes to (Tourism) so which one should i pick ? by the way she is coming for visit me (her brother). Thank you.