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  1. Tharigopla

    Attempted possession of Marijuana and pharapernalia

    Thanks for all the advice folks. I wish I got this before I did the stupid thing. Will get an attorney and leave the rest to God. I just got married too and it is stressful. Well I take it as a punishment. Screwed my own life:-(
  2. Tharigopla

    Attempted possession of Marijuana and pharapernalia

    The citation I received from the cops have it has attempted possession. I used marijuana only in California and since I was returning from California after an exam I made the dumbest decision to buy some. I should have thought at least twice when I was doing it. I should have been more resposible... and I regret now. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Tharigopla

    Attempted possession of Marijuana and pharapernalia

    Yes I screwed up. Lesson learnt. Costly life changing mistake.
  4. I am a Indian, non-US Citizen, on H1B visa and my green card is approved and waiting for my priority date which is 2014 December, to kick of the process. I have no previous charges and a first time offender. I was driving back from San Diego after attending a test and on my way back purchased some edibles, cartridge and flower and put it in my backpack. I was stopped at the AZ border patrol and the cop gave me a citation to appear at the Wellton court. I had less than 0.5 ounce and the cops let me drive back home. I contacted a law firm and they have a flat pre-trial fee for $15000 and post trial fee of $5000. These funds are way to expensive and hard to secure it. I am freaking about the stupid mistake I did and any advice is much appreciated. I m worried about m visa status and green card approval. Any ideas and tips are really appreciated.