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  1. Let me be clear about my question #3. I intend to fully support my MIL while she is here in the US. I was just wondering what is the lowest cost option for her health coverage, basically what options are available to new immigrants.
  2. Hi, I am helping my wife petition her mom (I-130 process). We just received notice that our I-130 was approved and I have some questions about next steps: 1. It looks like we can start the AOS process to apply for green card. Does this need to be completed now before she arrives here or can it wait until after she arrives? Will USCIS let us know what is needed for this? 2. What is the timeframe for when my MIL can arrive here? We just received the I-130 approval and she is coming from the Philippines. 3. I'm trying to figure out health coverage options for her. She is 63 and we are in California. I'm wondering if she can apply for medi-cal and claim that she is part of a separate "household" of 1 in order to meet the low income requirement. I'm worried that if we were to include her in our household our income would be too high and we would have to shell out full price. Anybody have some experience with this? Thanks