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  1. Thank you !! Great thank you !!
  2. Did you had to Send all the documents to NVC or upload to their Website..? And what i should get ready for before i get my Invoice number and case number..? i mean to ask about document should i start gathering anything ..? help please
  3. Hi ALL, Does anyone know how long NVC takes to Create or Provide my Case number or In voice number..after Receiving Approved I-130 from USCIS ? Calling NVC Everyday to ask Case number and Invoice Number help ? to get it little faster..? thanks in Advance.
  4. Yes did. i don't have any Household member other than my self. so basically i am at alone making 55 K per year and my Oversees Spouse will be the only Dependent i will have so i need only I-864 along with supporting documents right..?
  5. Hello Friends, I am filling out Financial form and staying ready. but had quick question which form I need to file for Affidavit of support to NVC..? I am making about 55 K per year so i think i am good for USCIS guideline..? advice please..Do I need I-864 only or any other form I need to file along with 864 to Fill out for Affidavit support..?
  6. Thank you so much !!
  7. Great !! than i will go ahead start getting one !! that great idea that i can get one now and take update one to interview !! i think we have to submit all those documents to NVC in 1 package right..? or their is 2 different package we have to send..? for Agent for and Invoice and etc..?
  8. Yes i mean to ask for question 4 that upload or post to NVC..? also isn't too early to obtain Police Certificates right now..? when they will as that..?thanks for your reply !!
  9. Hello Visa Journey Family, Happy to tell all of you that I got Approval for I-130 today. PD- 22-Jan-2018 / Approved on 30-Aug-2018. So i just had few question and trying to get help to stay on NVC Process.. 1) When should I start calling NVC for case number..? how long they usually take ..? 2) Do i have to call USCIS to ask them to send I-130 approved File any quicker than regular to NVC..? 3) While i am waiting for NVC to provide case number do i need to start gather any documentation that you guys suggest..? 4) I know some people have to update their paper trough online at NVC is it something they ask us to do it..? or that's how they do it now on..? whoever still waiting don't worry your approval is right near in that corner !! just be patient !! thanks !!
  10. Thank you !! Thank you !!
  11. Great thanks you guy's !! Thanks for helping out !!
  12. one more quick question please..? if u file Separately while your Spouse outside of the country, can u still able to get tax break credit for spouse or you can't ..? i mean to ask can u claim as exemption without filling W7 or not..?
  13. oh ok yes i am filing Married and Filing Separately . so NO W7 right..does help for any immigration side if i file Separately or file Join..? I-130 still under progress ? thanks for all this help.