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  1. Great thanks you guy's !! Thanks for helping out !!
  2. one more quick question please..? if u file Separately while your Spouse outside of the country, can u still able to get tax break credit for spouse or you can't ..? i mean to ask can u claim as exemption without filling W7 or not..?
  3. oh ok yes i am filing Married and Filing Separately . so NO W7 right..does help for any immigration side if i file Separately or file Join..? I-130 still under progress ? thanks for all this help.
  4. so just to be clear put all info and print em out and at SSN Space put NRA Spouse correct.? no need to fill out any W7 along with taxes n all right..? thanks
  5. i am using turbo tax and SSN fill not let me fill anything except 000-00-0000 ? can i print and write on form..?
  6. Can anyone help me to figure this out about how to file 2017 Taxes please ?. I am US Citizen and married with NRA Spouse my spouse still out side of country and never been in US before i married in December 2017 and I have to file 2017 taxes as Married filing separately. but since spouse does not have SSN or ITIN number how i can put name on taxes ?
  7. ohh Great thanks for Reply..
  8. it went to Potomac service center. so that means it's still going to say Case received until approval date..?
  9. USCIS recived my file on Jan-19-2018. and it's still says "Case received" on their website is this normal..? if not what i should do..? if it's normal when i can able to see any moment mean to ask after how many months..?
  10. all family member in US. staying alone !!
  11. Do we have any way to expedite I-130 Processing ..?
  12. USCIS keep changing Processing Date some reason. it was July-01-2017 on Feb-01-2018 and they update it today and took it back in April-2017..?