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  1. B1 visa processing of Nepalese in India

    Thanks for your answers. But should I show my ties with Hyderabad since I am here for last 5 years or with my nationality. I still have no property in India and unmarried. Please guide, as I really have no intention misusing the VISA. How to convince them?
  2. Hi All, I have a Nepalese passport. I came to Hyderabad, India in 2012, completed my postgraduate and have been working in a medical device company since last 3 years. My company is processing for B1 VISA for my training through US consulate in Hyderabad. Is it possible for me to get B1 visa through Hyderabad or should I go to Nepal? I feel going to Nepal more complicated as I have been resident of India for last 5 years, and my company is in Hyderabad. Also, I might have to process it myself in Nepal instead of company's travel agency. What should I do in this typical case. Kindly share your views Thanks in advance, Apurba