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  1. Applying for Citizenship

    Really? Ok, that's not good....
  2. Applying for Citizenship

    Yes, I believe that's it. I heard the attorney mention that one time when we renewed her work permit.
  3. Applying for Citizenship

    You lost me with the AOS and OP process. Can you please emphasize. Please excuse my ignorance I didnt have to go through this process for myself
  4. Applying for Citizenship

    Ill have to find out what sort of work permit. I didn't know there was different work permits.
  5. Applying for Citizenship

    I'm not sure on what grounds, I know shes been in the states since the age of 2 years old and we renew her work permit almost every year
  6. Applying for Citizenship

    Correction, she has a working permit not a residency. My apologies for the confusion
  7. Applying for Citizenship

    Thank you for your reply..... Shes been a permanent resident for 15+ years
  8. My wife cant find her proof of her i-94 from when she entered the country as a child with her parents. And unfortunately her parents can't even find her passport from 24 years ago. We've been married going on 2 years. How can we go about getting her citizenship?"