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  1. they emailed me like 15 days after case transferred from nvc inshallah youll hear something soon
  2. yayyyy Alhamdulillah congrats Amy inshallah all goes well with the rest of the process
  3. Hello everyone I got an email requesting me to email the embassy my completed ds-260 confirmation page and was giving a link to schedule my appointment when I'm ready(us.travel.state) so i went to that link created an account when i tried to schedule an appointment i got error saying my id is wrong ?? should i use my case number or am i suppose to use something else. Thank you
  4. i understand two weeks are nothing but I'm just confused how status went from IN TRANSIT to READY but they say they still waiting on hard file
  5. Hello everyone I have a few questions I wish from who have experianced any of this can help. So I sent an expedite request to the nvc after they took so long not reviewinf my files tje request was approved and immediatly sent to the embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Its been over two weeks since it was sent from nvc to embassy. 3 days after file was sent to embassy my ceac status changed from in transit to READY so i assumed the embassy got my file. A week later i emailed embassy asking them about my case and when will i have my interview scheduled i was told that they are still waiting on hard file. Fast forward a week so more the 14 days had past since nvc sent case i emailed the embassy again asking for any updates and they have recieved the file i was told they are still waiting on file. How is it possible that my case status changed from IN TRANSIT to READY and yet they still say we are waiting on file??? Has anyone exerianced anything like this or have any info about how expedites work? Thank you all
  6. Hello. Has anyone here gotten an expedite thru the nvc for thier cr1 case. How long does it take the mail to reach the embassy. And how does the process continues after the expedite approval?
  7. thanks amy inshallah yours will be completed fast. i requested an expedite and it was approved
  8. so today my car is forwarded to the embassy alhamdulillah i hope it goes aster from here on.... and i wish all of you good luck
  9. inshallah soon i called earlier and was told its in the review department and it'll be done soon
  10. hopefully ... so on my ceac website check status i enter my cs number an instead of case at nvc it says action required and it says we have recieved your ds260 on 12-09-2016 and its asking me to submit our documents its asking me for documents i already sent is that normal?
  11. here comes another week of waiting
  12. glad to hear they working on december cases