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  1. Temporarily until the federal court hears the case. The stay means the deportation is blocked until the court can hear the case and make a ruling.
  2. I don't think anyone knows right now. I suspect more will become clearer in the next week or so. I'm sorry you're having to go through this, it must be an awful time
  3. Go ahead and marry and apply for the adjustment of status. You don't need to prove that you didn't intent to immigrate (that was assessed on entry by the CBP officer).
  4. This is wrong - you can get married while visiting on a tourist visa. Just because one gets married, it doesn't mean one isn't "visiting".
  5. Ghana K1 interview

    A receipt for a ring is not evidence of a relationship, it just shows that someone has purchased an item of jewelry. I don't think this adds anything to your application.
  6. This is where adjusting from tourist/work visas differ from the K-1. In this case there will be an interview (it is only waivable for K-1 adjustments), and it will be the first time that their relationship will be "vetted". A K-1 applicant has an interview in their home country; when adjusting from a different visa, the AOS interview has to verify the validity of the relationship. They could just use photos of trips, phone calls etc, but it would be much better (easier) if they start the financial co-mingling now, to have more concrete evidence. The ROC is then just more of the same.
  7. But there are no unusual circumstances here - again, stop trying to scare people with misinformation. The OP has been in a relationship for several years, and they have spent upwards of 10 months together in the past 3 years. The last time she visits, they decide they've had enough of the long distance, so marry at a court house. One might argue that this is far more "natural" a relationship progression than the couple who meet online, meet in person for a week then file a K-1 application. To the OP, again you will have no problem. It would be a good idea to start collecting evidence of financial comingling - so try and get put on the lease (if you rent), or open a joint bank account, added as a dependent to your husbands health insurance, beneficiary to any life insurance, etc. Then, by the time your interview comes around, you'll have lots of evidence.
  8. You're posting so much misinformation. They do not have to convince USCIS of anything of the sort - CBP granted entry, and thus the OP showed no intent of marrying. Now, they just proceed like a normal AOS. Seriously, people need to stop this labelling those who didn't use the K-1 process as "illegal".
  9. No, you can't expedite the 485 for employment purposes. I should add add a caveat: of course if a federal agency requests that your application be expedited for some employment reason, then that's another story.
  10. Do you live together? If so, then maybe a lease? I would ditch things like messages, emails and phone logs - this is for fiancé type visas, not when you live with your spouse.
  11. Yes you can work before you hear back about your application. If it gets denied then your work authorization is no longer valid, but I don't think this is anything you need to worry about. I don't think you'll need a lawyer, it's quite a simple process really and the forms have comprehensive instructions. If you do need a lawyer then googling for someone local, or asking any fellow students is probably your best course of action.
  12. 1. Yes, I think it's a good idea to open a joint bank account and try and co-mingle as many assets as possible. If you apply soon, depending on where you live, your interview might not even be until after you move in together, so you can take more evidence to your interview. 2. I don't think you're eligible for OPT if you marry and have an adjustment of status pending. But the good news is that ~90 days after your application you will have work authorization (by applying for the I-765 along with the I-485 and I-130).
  13. You need a complete tax return, so your 1040a with W2s and any other forms you sent with it.
  14. It states this in the instructions. Total income if you file the 1040 (line 22), or adjusted gross if you file 1040ez (line 4). You should also send pay stubs, and an employment letter to provide information about current earnings.
  15. It looks like they are currently processing applications with priority date Jan04, so you have at least 4 years to wait.