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  1. Hi everyone!! Feeling both excitement and anxiety at the same time. I was finally able to check my case status on the USCIS website. My receipt # finally worked on there!!! There's the excitement part of it lol. Bad news is " On March 2, 2017, we mailed a request for initial evidence for your Form I-485 ". So there is the anxiety part, now I'm waiting to receive my RFE in the mail and figure out what it is that they need from me. We were thinking that it could be the 2016 taxes because we filed for taxes AFTER the AOS package was sent in. Hopefully it arrives soon so I can just get the information they need and mail it back asap. I know alot of you have been waiting to be able to check your status. Try it now! Good luck!!
  2. Hi everyone, to all the February filers, have you checked your status online? Does your receipt# work right after you get your NOA1? If it didn't, how long did you wait till you were able to check your status online? I waited to check till I received my physical NOA1, but when I entered it into the "check your case status" it says that it is not recognized. I'm just a little bit anxious I guess =)
  3. Hey, so I checked the other topics too. Someone updated it and said that they went to an Infopass appointment. They were able to get a duplicate NOA1 with the dates on them. It was a printing error on USCIS part. The original letters have the notice date and received dates, etc. Now I'm debating if I should bother to make an appointment or not. Some have said there should be no issues if they don't have dates on them. If anyone has the same problems as we do, where there is no dates on your NOA1, you can make an appointment with Infopass to visit a local USCIS Office and receive a duplicate NOA1 with the dates on it. The website is (https://my.uscis.gov/appointment). I didn't know about this so thought I would share the information in case someone else is looking for it too. Good luck everyone.
  4. Any update on this? What happened with the money order? I chose money order too cause it seemed like the most straightforward and safe option.
  5. Sent in the package on Feb 10th, arrived at chicago lockbox Feb 13th. NOA1 text and email was received today (Feb 21st) at 12:30 am!!! They really do sent it out at whatever time. I was panicking a bit since others have gotten their NOA1 already. First part done! Now more waiting hahaha
  6. I know it's worrying and when we start comparing to each other's timeline, we start to panic. It's what I did. I was also worried because I mailed the package on Feb 10th, and the people who sent the package at the same time as me already received their NOA1. I JUST received it and it is 12:30 am. Like everyone said, there is a holiday, take a deep breath, I bet you'll get it this week =).
  7. Hi everyone, Sent in AOS on February 10th, so still early. Hopefully we get the NOA enotification soon. Sent the AOS with money orders, so won't really know when it gets cashed. Seems like it would take almost 1-2 weeks to get the notification. Good luck to everyone and hope for quick processing.
  8. Hahaha, yes it is pretty simple. I'm probably just over-analyzing it. I've read that even with a complete DS3025, some people have gotten an RFE. Was just curious as to what other people's experience was. For the i-693 form, did you just fill out your information part only? Thanks =)
  9. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has ever just sent in the DS 3025 without seeing a civil surgeon. It says if the DS 3025 is incomplete, then you need to see a civil surgeon. Curious to see if anyone has risked it.