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  1. I had my k-1 interview on 5/21/2016 , council said congratulation (mabrook) you will receive your visa in 2 weeks . it was clean cut interview no AP! NOW!! my case keep updating and I still after two month under AP.!!!!! is anybody before had same experience I have . I have a few visas on my passport I went to 10 different countries , maybe that's the reason , I have no idea your respond will be appreciate it thanks
  2. We had interview on 5/21 , (k-1) we got approved , council said you will recive it in two weeks , now it's 29 days , when we check the ceas.gov case creat : 5/15 case update 5/20 still show AP . Is this normal . thansk , you respond will be appreciat it
  3. i can't find the location on( us embassy cairo) to check if my case ready for interview yet ? can somebody please tell me where i can type my case number to find out ? thanks
  4. I just check our case and that's what I found , so my question is : Do I contact the embassy for interview or I wait they will contact us for more paper work like finger print , etc...? thanks for your respond .
  5. We paid k-1 visa fees by money order , received NOA1 on 11/8/2016 but money order didn't cashed yet ! is this normal ? been 78 days !
  6. K-1 calfornia office

    Maybe they are behind , but what surprise me cases fille on October 2016 was receiving NOA2 less in one month !!
  7. Hi guys , I'm confused is anybody fill k-1 at California office on November 2016 and recived NOA2 yet ? Our NOA1 was date it November 8 . Still waiting for NOA2 !! It's been 77 days !! When I check uscis page It showing they working on 8/2016 , but in same time most cases was filling on October 2016 recived NOA2 , so do we need to request information about our case ? Or just wait your respond will be appreciat thanks