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  1. Abandoned 485's, family emergencies, what kind of family emergency warrants risking never getting a visa to the US again? You need to get real, people sacrifice their entire lives and loved ones to come here, I have seen them at O'hare arriving with plastic garbage bags for luggage. It honks me off to see people with tentative legal permission to enter treating this country like a revolving door for tourists when their supposed intention was to live here permanently. If I were at the checkpoint I probably would not let the man pass. He should not have gone.
  2. Thanks, It would have to be an earlier period in time in her case. Last year I used the several continuous years that she was in Colombia PRIOR to coming here for the first time in May, 2015 because she had been in her country non-stop since 2009. i'll have to claim my 330 days from that time block because since May of 2015 she was in/out of the US three or four times, enough that we can't piece together 330 days. I didn't see in the rules that you can't use the same time period more than once, do you have any info on that part? Rob
  3. What do you guys think about my wife using the 2555 to exclude her foreign income in 2016 after having lived in the USA for several months in that same year and about 4 months in the prior year? She filed it (the 2555) successfully for the 2015 tax year (her first year with her IR1 Visa) because she had been in Colombia for many years prior, but in this past tax year she was finalizing her retirement in Colombia and only spent the first 7 months there before coming to the US permanently in August of 2016. Would she still qualify to have 7 months of Colombian teacher's salary excluded if she had already been to the US for 4 months in 2015 (May through September before she returned to finish her teaching obligations). ? Tx!