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  1. I am much better now after almost a year in America because I now drive my own car after failing 5 times in behind the wheel driving test but when I got my licence I realized that everything would be good , now I drive to work , sometimes I drive my kids back from school as I used to do back home , I go shopping and I also enrolled in a city college to obtain a teaching credential .
  2. Sorry for the late reply , a care provider is the one who takes care of the seniors either in their homes or in a senior care facility , those facilities are everywhere , in google search type senior care in ..... ( the name of your state ) and you get plenty of them.
  3. Hi visa journey members , I need that the spouse of US citizen can obtain citizenship after 3 years of living together , but I heard that the veterans' spouses can have it in less than 3 years , does anybody have any idea about that , and how about the kids when they obtain their citizenship .
  4. In the teaching career , but here I tried to apply for a teaching position but they need that California credential
  5. Yes they are free , we didn't pay a penny , isn't it amazing
  6. I recommend to apply for a care provider , it is easy to apply for no experience needed because they provide you with the training
  7. Wow , I am a care provider now and I love the seniors a lot but the saddest part of the job when we lose one of them every now and then .
  8. Now I got a care provider job in a senior living facility , you are right I have no friends in my work place , no socialization at all , but I make friends with the seniors I love them a lot they need somebody to talk to same as my need to be talked to , I tried to find a job in any animal shelter because my husband refused to have a dog in the house but I couldn't find any , I am OK now with the seniors. Thanks for sharing your experience with me.
  9. Green card stamp

    At the bottom of the visa sticker there is a line says that it is a temporary residency for one year.
  10. No , it doesn't , my husband applied for IR1 for us and we applied for a visiting visa but we got denied , I was told this is not the right visa for me , because my husband is a US citizen , after 2 years we had our interview for our IR1 visa and we got approved .
  11. Visa Pick up

    Ours took two weeks ,
  12. Need help!!!!

    That's not a lie , she is not going to get married or engaged there , she just wants to meet him in person .
  13. Need help!!!!

    To grant a tourist visa you shouldn't know anybody here , just tell them you go for sightseeing for a couple of weeks or a months, and you have to know the name of the hotel you will reside in , if you mention that your boyfriend will take care of you there you will never ever grant the visa , and you have to return home on time to be able to go again. But take my advice , let him comes first and meet with your family , you barely know the guy , the age difference is considered big. Going there all alone by yourself is not a good sign for a young girl with no experience but if your parents agree then forget about what I mentioned here.
  14. Thanks a lot. I will try hard to be patient for the sake of my husband and the kids although I missed my job in Egypt a lot.