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  1. US passport received yesterday. I think this concludes our immigration adventure. Our best to those still waiting. Thanks.
  2. I just wanted to let you know we received the letter with the oath ceremony information last Saturday. She is scheduled for June 22 at 9:45 at the Grove of Orange. Hope you get yours scheduled soon. The case check in site says the oath ceremony has been scheduled. If you do not receive your letter by July 4, please let us know. I am unsure as to when the notice on the site changed.
  3. Thank you. Yes, that is true. She learned all about her lawyer's life. So, at least it was interesting. LOL
  4. FYI: At the interview daughter in law answered 6 questions correctly and had to write like what has been previously reported. She was asked and answered every question on the application form. She had to wait over 2 hours to be called in for the interview. She was accompanied by her attorney. She was approved, was told her oath ceremony would be June 22 and to look for a letter to confirm everything.
  5. Oath scheduled for June 22, 2017.
  6. Finally, interview letter received 4/23/17. Interview is 5/24/17.
  7. Still no interview letter with the date...
  8. Just got the notice online that the interview has been scheduled on April 14. Now we just wait for the letter with the interview date.
  9. On March 24, we got the notice we were scheduled for the interview. We have not received the letter with the date yet. How long does it take to get the letter from when the notice gets changed on the site? Anyone have a guess?
  10. Status updated on the site. On March 24, we started the scheduling process......please update...thanks.
  11. I thought so, ;-). When we filed we were told they moved pretty quickly in Santa Ana. It does not seem so at this point. Good luck to you for a rapid process.
  12. D N Medellin COL I don't see Long Beach listed as a USCIS office. Is Long Beach where you filed? We live in Huntington Beach and filed in Santa Ana.
  13. I don't see Long Beach listed.  Is that where you filed?  We filed in Santa Ana.