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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Vjer's, i just want to know what's best to have when travelling? i Have my Extension letter, state id, Do i need to get an Infopass? or my extension letter will do? I'm going to Alaska on November so i'm a bit worried about the entry and exit process.
  2. Hey im a 26 year old male with a job in London ive been to the USA 3 times all on a ESTA once in 2013 and twice after meeting my girlfriend, once in 2016 September and once in 2017 June both them visits have been for 2 weeks and both them times i told them i was visiting a friend im just abit worried now because when i went in June 2017 i was asked even more questions for example Whats the Purpose of you coming to the states: Vacation How long you staying: 2 weeks Who lives on this address: a friend Plus the name of my friend How long have you known this friend: 2 years Where did you meet her: London Where do you work: at a bakery with my dad then i went on my merry way now im visiting in January 2018 with a return ticket back home and after seeing all these threads there is nothing wrong with saying girlfriend and im looking to say purpose of travel: Vacation and if they ask who lives in this address or who do i know in the states im gonna reply Girlfriend does anyone think this will be a problem
  3. Hi guys.. I had a quick question.. I am am planning on travelling to the UK in October, my green card has expired and I'm waiting for my new one to arrive.. My question is.. can I travel on my extension letter?.. What is the following procedure that I have to follow in order to apply for a visa for the U.K. on my extension letter.. Thanks in advance!..
  4. So I am in the middle of the AOS application from K1 visa, obtained my EAD and advance parole, waiting for my interview to happen (been 3-4 months since they receive my application). Takes forever in NY. So me and my husband is looking into going back to Hong Kong (we were both born there, he is the US citizen) to see some family since we got married. I was like probably couple days late (like a week) sending in my AOS forms after that 90 days. I saw online that usually such short period of time does not cause problem even if you travel (don't know if it's true). So question 1 is, is it risky? especially with the whole Trump foreign policy nowadays. Question 2, let's say it's relatively safe to travel (we all know how they stress there's NO GUARANTEE for re-entry, noted.) When I fly back to the US from Hong Kong, what should I show the check in counter? Since the K-1 visa is already expired and the EAD+ AP card does not look like a travel document. What do you guys recommend? My notice of action forms? Not every check-in lady knows that deep into all country's visa I am sure. I want to be prepared. P.S. what do you guys think about those non-profit immigration help organizations? anyone had any luck? Thank you so much for anyone's reply. April ( A desperate "alien"that recently receive a letter telling me that IRS wanna keep tab on my foreign bank account too. I am exhausted.)
  5. Hello Everyone! I graduated from my school in April this year and I am currently on my OPT (expires June 2018). I have received my EAD Card and I am employed in the field of my study. My family wants me to visit home in the next two months and I have a problem with that: The F-1 stamp in my passport expired on April 24th 2017 (One week after my graduation). Am I as a f-1 student on OPT eligible for another f1 student visa stamp or do I have to stay in the United States? I already talked to my school's international advisor and she told me that If I travel abroad I will have to go to the embassy in order to get a new stamp. I will have to show the required documents (I-20, EAD, letter of employment, etc.) and wait to receive my new stamp (If i get one). I'd basically have to go through the entire F-1 application process again. Is that true? Or are there any alternatives (besides not travelling). Thank you so much in advance everyone! Cheers, Hathessany
  6. For all of you traveling: an article about cell phones and computers from The New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/14/business/border-enforcement-airport-phones.html Sukie in NY
  7. Hello, please help...my case is super urgent... I lost my wallet with my green card inside on 1/31 in Fresno, i talked to the police and he said he would check the cctv and get back to me if he could find anything. since he hasnt replied me till now... and i have to travel on Friday (2/3) i am extremely frustrated and not sure what i should do now 1) My initial idea is to submit i-90 for replacing greencard first, then to make an appointment for Infopass to get an I-551 stamp. But the biggest problem i, i never manage to make an appointment given the fact that it keeps saying no appointments available. (the earliest one i could make now is on 2/9, and 4 hours away from where i live) as this is super urgent, is it possible for me to walk in to USCIS office?? or can i file I-90 then leave US first? 2) if the above doesnt work, can i leave US first then apply for I-131A (carrier document) in order to come back to US. then file I-90 and get I-551 stamp next time (because i cant stay in US for too long, the reason I went to US this time was actually for re-entry permit...but now i have lost my green card so i could do nothing about it) 3) can i still submit I-131 for re-entry permit even though i have lost my green card? So next time when i come back to US i can record biometrics. Please help....thanks
  8. hi there! i just did a search to try and find the answer but wasn't able to find an existing one, so if anyone might have some advice it would be much appreciated! my fiance and i are filling out our biographical forms for the k-1 and where is has residence for the last 5 years we are a bit unsure how to proceed... he was traveling through india and nepal for about 6 months at one time, so did not have a permanent residence for that duration - is it more appropriate to simply leave this chunk of time out since there was no permanent residence, or to list 'india / nepal' in the country field with maybe a note that it was traveling? just so they don't think he was homeless, because he wasn't!! he was just traveling all over the place so we can't even list particular cities as their were a lot... thanks SO much in advance for any assistance with this, we are doing the forms ourselves and quite nervous about getting every last detail just right! best wishes + a very happy new year to one and all on the visa journey