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Found 28 results

  1. Hi all, After submitting the DS-160 a payment needs to be made for the K-1 visa. I am seeing a lot of info regarding fees for specific visa types but I am having a hard time finding out how and where I should actually make the payment (...online via credit card hopefully). Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! -Jonathan
  2. Hello We need help, on this journey We jusy start to filing oor package, can someone confirm if the following forms are the one we nee I485 I130 1864 I765 I693 We need guidance in this process, and also the fees
  3. I have a friend who is here in the US as a refugee from Iran. His Iranian passport has expired. He does have a green card. If he travels to Turkey, will he need to pay the re entry fee, or does the green card mean he would not have to pay that? I have tried to call USCIS many times, but cannot get a real person. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I'm reading that the fee is $1140 to file for the I-864, I-131, and I-765 at the same time. But then I'm reading that there's an $85 biometric fee. So do I write a check for the total of those two numbers or just the $1140 for now and pay the biometric fee when the time comes?
  5. Hello, I had a few questions. Most of them I think they are right, but just wanted to make sure they are correct. Sorry if I am asking obvious questions, do not want to do something wrong. - I am US Citizen - My wife is conditional resident --------- 1.) USCIS Online Account Number: - I am not sure if I have the online account number. Where to find out? Leave blank or put N/A if we dont have one? 2.) Proof of Marriage: - Does that need to be from marriage to current? Or the date of arrival to US to present? 3.) Fee: - According to Form, the I-751 fee is $595. Bio metric fee is $85 - Should we sent Check of $595 from our Joint Bank Account, or both 595+85 = 680? 4.) Affidavits from Family Friends - When we made those affidavits, we printed 2 and made them sign/notarized both just in case we needed extra - ok to send original or send only photo copy? 5.) Case Number on all documents - When I did the CR-1 Visa Immigrant Process, I put case numbers on all the documents in case papers get misplace or lost. - Is it ok to put case numbers on the documents or evidence? 6.) N/A in forms: - I know we are suppose to put "N/A' on parts of the form that does not apply to us. - Example: (Children Section) We can put N/A in the 1st line. Do not have to put N/A in every blank right? 7.) Part 7 of I-751 Form: - Suppose to choose option "1a" under Petitioners? We are filling out the forms together. - She would be the petitioner right? I would put her info. - Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center: Her name needs to be filled out right? 8.) Part 8 of I-751 Form; - Same as Part 7, but details about me right? Thank you.
  6. Hi! I'm going to file for a EAD/advance parole replacement card, my first one was approved and "delivered to me" USPS never took responsibility for this but at the beginning they did accept over the phone that they delivered somewhere else but never agree to write a letter for USCIS. So I'll be sending in the package the forms I-765 and I-131 together with the required documentation plus I-797 of pending I-485, and I-797 notice of approval for I-765 and I-131. My question is if I will need to pay 410 $ + 85 $ biometric fee if my I-485 is still pending, I called USCIS and they told me that I have to pay the fee bu then in the USCIS website they don't say anything about replacement fee, and I've also read in another immigration forums people who had to pay a fee, it's everything very confusing. I hope if somebody here has gone through the same situation can answer my question. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I noticed that the instructions say Bank Draft, but the picture that they show is a personal check. I do have personal checks with a bank in the US, would writing a check count as a bank draft? Or do I have to get an actual bank draft?
  8. Hello Guys, Can I anyone please tell me the way, How to send a fee of I-130 Petition from SAUDI ARABIA to USCIS if you live outside the USA? Regards
  9. Hello Guys, Can I anyone please tell me the way, How to send a fee of I-130 Petition from SAUDI ARABIA to USCIS if you live outside the USA? Regards
  10. How much does filing the adjustment of status papers cost?
  11. Are biometric services required in association with an I-765 or any other aspect of AOS for a K1 visa holder? The USCIS seems to be saying that biometric services are not required for K1 Visa holders: "The filing fee for Form I-765 is $410. You must also pay an $85 biometric services fee, for a total of $495, if you are: Requesting consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); A beneficiary of an approved employment-based immigrant petition and you are facing compelling circumstances; or A spouse or unmarried dependent child of a beneficiary of an employment-based immigrant petition who is facing compelling circumstances. There is no biometric services fee for any other eligibility category." What puzzles me is that this excerpt seems to be implying that if you are "facing compelling circumstances", they will pour salt on your wound by imposing an additional financial burden. Not that the government is above such behavior, but they are usually not so transparent about it. This makes me wonder if I am misunderstanding something here.
  12. Hubby has his IR1 visa and we are going to the US in a few weeks! I'm seeing some threads about a $165 Green Card fee, saying that the green card won't automatically come in the mail after US arrival, unless this fee is paid first. But I am not sure if this applies to DCF and/or IR1 visas or what. I thought we'd already paid all relevant fees, and I thought the green card would be sent automatically in the mail at some point after he enters the US? Or is there really some fee that we still have to take care of? Thank you for any help!
  13. We sent packet 3 the other day, got packet 4 today, I've tried to go through the site to look at the available interview dates and it tells me that our case is not ready for the interview, but we've received the packet 4 email. Do you have to pay the visa fee first or do you pay that at the interview?
  14. I submitted my application in April and as soon as I sent it I realised that I had not included the biometircs fee. So, we finally got the application back, applied the correct fee and sent it back. It arrived on May 10, but we've not heard anything yet. Is this uncommon or should I not worry just yet. I went through the documents a million times. I know that can't be the hold up.
  15. What are the fees these days for the adjustment of status? Which fees do I include: the filing fee biometric fee advance parole fee petition for employment fee Thanks,
  16. I submitted the AOS application about a month ago and as soon as I got home, I realized that I had forgotten the biometrics fee. I received the application back today with the expected insufficient fee letter for the biometrics, but there were two other insufficient fee letters attached to the i-131 and the i-765. As a K1 adjuster, doesn't the AOS fee of $1140 include these two applications as well? I'm a bit confused. Also, can someone verify that the application (without biometrics) is in fact $1140? And, the biometrics fee is submitted in a second check, correct? Thanks Everyone!
  17. I posted in a topic last month that was about my having forgotten the biometrics fee (stupid stupid stupid!). We're adjusting from a K1 We are waiting for the application to be returned so that we can send back all the correct fees. We were told about a month, and this week will mark a month and still no word or package. The check wasn't cashed so, I'm guessing it is still on it's way back, but we must file before June 2. So, I'm wondering if anyone thinks it's a good idea for me to go to my bank and cancel the one check that I didn't forget to send and just send a whole new application. Any advice would be great. I'm feeling the pressure of time due to my mistake. What a horrible mistake to make!
  18. I'm in Ukraine with no checks for my bank here. My bank has a service where they will draft a paper check and send to the lockbox. So basically this means all our paperwork and forms will be sent separately from the payment. Will this work? If not, what is my solution?
  19. My husband is adjusting from a K1 visa and we sent his AOS application yesterday and completely forgot the biometrics fee! His k1 visa expires in August so we have time, I'm panicking! What will happen next? Does anyone have recent experience of this happening? Im hoping I'll just get a letter letting me know how to pay instead of getting the entire application back.
  20. minadent

    Hello dear members, I need an explanation about that; I am a DV-lottery winner. I had my interview on 12th of March. I got my visa and I am trying to pay the immigration fee on www.uscis.gov/file-online using my visa. I followed the instructions and filled all the required fields carefully. I tried several times but, it keeps telling me that " USCIS has not received your benefit request because of a technical payment error or a cancellation during the payment process " There is enough money in my account to pay. I don't understand what is the problem. Any help is appreciated.
  21. Good evening all, My N-400 case has been rejected for a second time (albeit the first one was because I filled my application 2 days earlier from the 90 prior to my 3 anniversary). The 797 for states that 'the payment amount is incorrect.' I'm puzzled as I filled a USPS money order in the amount of $725. Im concerned and worried, what could have happened? My application my received on 2/8 and rejected on 2/24. Any advise will be appreciated. thanks
  22. I want to start the process of my husband and his child to come to the US from Jamaica but I'm not sure where to start in the process or the amount. I was told the best way to get them here fast is doing a K3 visa? and also am I better off doing the paper work my self or hiring a lawyer? My last question is the fee like does anyone know the fee for everything?
  23. Hello, My wife and I have previously filed a I-130 and it has been accepted and now we have filed a form I-485 to adjust her status because she is already in the USA with me. I am wondering if it is possible to get a payment receipt for the form I-485 and possible the form I-130? I have received receipts stating that they have received her application but as of now I haven't received any sort of payment receipt. I need to get these receipts if possible because my employer is going to reimburse me for her green card expenses. Thanks.
  24. Hello all, My wife is Colombian and I'm a USC along with our two children. We came to visit my family here in the states this September but soon realized that my father was not in good health and needed our help due to various factors. We just took the decision her that we could not return to Colombia, but needed to stay in the US to help out my family. I'm looking at doing an AOS for my wife as she came in with her B1/B2 tourist visa. I'm trying to budget how much we'll need for the fees. I was looking yesterday at the USCIS site and the new fee schedule that will be in effect in December. Please correct if I'm wrong, but here's what I'm figuring for the fees.. I-130____$535 I-485____$1140 I-765____$410 I-131____$575 Biometrics___$85 USCIS Immigration Fee___$220 Am I correct assuming that when I send in the package I need to include a check for the grand total of all of these ($2965 OUCH!) or is the biometrics and USCIS paid later? What about the medical examination? Is that paid at the doctor's office? I also saw someone mention that there is no fee for the I-765 and I-131 if sent with the I-485. Is that true? Thank you!
  25. Hello, I want to share my timeline for my J1 waiver process under No objection statement Timeline: May 11 ---- All documents sent May 20 ---- Package was delivered May 24 ---- J1 Waiver cashed the cashier check for the process fee May 27 ---- No Objection letter sent from Mexico's consulate June 20 --- E-maill from J1- Waiver "THERE IS NO RECORD OF HAVING RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION" July 12 ---- No status on webpage July 13 ---- J1 Waiver respond "PLEASE REDO OR RESEND APPLICATION PACKAGE. REMEMBER TO CANCEL CHECK FROM THE FIRST PACKAGE AND SEND A NEW PAYMENT FOR THE PROCESSING FEE" July 14 ---- Resent package July 15 ---- Package was delivered July 19 ---J1 Waiver visa specialist sent an e-mail: "WE HAVE NOT LOCATED YOUR WAIVER PACKAGE AS OF YET. YOUR PACKAGE MUST FIRST GO THROUGH PROCESSING AT THE WAVIER DEPARTMENT IN ST. LOUIS, BEFORE BEING SENT TO WASHINGTON, DC. FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE PROCESS. ONCE IN WASHINGTON, DC, THE INFORMATION WILL BE ENTER ONTO THE SYSTEM SO YOU CAN CHECK THE STATUS. . PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY CHECK YOUR CASE STATUS ONLINE BY VISITING WRD’S WEBSITE AT " July 25 --- Web page update Fee Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-3035 Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-2019 Received July 25, 2016 Statement Of Reason Received July 25, 2016 No Objection Statement Received July 25, 2016 Passport Data Page Received July 25, 2016 September 9 --- Web status: Favorable Recommendation September 19 --- Form I-797C Received. Form I-612 is filed and waiting for approval Current status --- Waiting for I-612