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  1. RFE response received - June 9th, 2015 Approval Notice dated - June 22nd, 2015
  2. As a current student, I can understand why it may be necessary to seperate for a few years while you finish school and she begins school. My question for you is this... when you graduate are you planning to join her? I did not see it mentioned if you are currently working as well as attending school. If there is no way for you to physically move with her while she attends school, I would suggest you make a preliminary check of your documents now to see where you stand as it regards ROC. What do you have and what will they be looking for (the guides will help with this)? Also, how far into the move will you be filing ROC? Will it be a year (or more) after she leaves or just a few months?
  3. How did you submit the first service request? If it was thru the online portal, I would suggest physically calling and having them submit the request. If it was originally by phone, first I would call again and make sure you mention your case is outside normal processing time. While they are doing that, it may be beneficial to contact your local representative so their office can make an inquiry.
  4. Got so excited today to get a text about case being update. Unfortunately, it was false hope. Checked the site and all it said was "birth date was updated." Now I am sitting here wondering why a birth date has to be updated.... It hasn't changed. Smh. Le sigh.