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    quite varied actually, although this list certainly appears pretty "standard"...... GOD, traveling, photography, computers, electronics, flying, cigars, music, skiing, and generally learning about nearly anything!

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    Met 5 years ago while visiting friends in Venezuela. At that time I didn't speak a word of Spanish, but we started exchanging messages and talking, and never missed a day after that! Nearly 5 years later to the day, we were married here in Venezuela, where we currently are residing.

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  1. OK, Since my sponsor sent in the "original" i864 with his signature on it to them (and copies of his other docs), we should be good there. I'll have him scan in a backup copy of his i864, irs1040 (but not the 1 inch thick packet of tax docs)... and we'll hope thats all that is needed. If not, can wait the extra 2 weeks for the full packet to arrive snailmail. thanks
  2. hitting a speed bump, trying to figure out the best way to proceed. My joint sponsor had some delays in acquiring and sending out his original tax documents to me. He earns well above the minimum, and his taxes are complicated (the full packet is nearly an inch thick). To make a long story short, I may not be able to get the original documents in hand before the interview on Jan. 11th. So, what does that potentially mean to us? I know the common advice is bring *EVERYTHING* you could possibly think of to the interview. But... #1 - What are the odds they'll ask for the original tax docs? #2 - If we don't have them due to still being "in-transit" between here and there, what happens? visa put into administrative hold and a new interview scheduled for a future date when the docs are in hand? (a month delay maybe?) It won't be "impossible" for us to get the docs beforehand... but would be prohibitively costly to do so... Just trying to get a feel for what the consequences are, so i can weigh the options and costs......
  3. GREAT, that's what I was hoping for, thanks! (now that dates are known, time to get serious about landing a good offer!)
  4. I feel like this has been answered before, but I couldn't seem to come up with the right search terms. THE INFO: I'm a USC, living abroad together with my wife continuously since we were married 3.5 years ago. I filed for for an IR1 visa as a USC living abroad, and we have always presented as living together. Visa process is almost complete... NVC is CC, we're expecting an interview date any day now for 1st week in January. THE QUESTION: If I accept a job offer in the US that starts earlier, will my wife have any problems going to the interview alone if I move back to the US in mid-December, before the interview?