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    Met 5 years ago while visiting friends in Venezuela. At that time I didn't speak a word of Spanish, but we started exchanging messages and talking, and never missed a day after that! Nearly 5 years later to the day, we were married here in Venezuela, where we currently are residing.

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  1. OK, Since my sponsor sent in the "original" i864 with his signature on it to them (and copies of his other docs), we should be good there. I'll have him scan in a backup copy of his i864, irs1040 (but not the 1 inch thick packet of tax docs)... and we'll hope thats all that is needed. If not, can wait the extra 2 weeks for the full packet to arrive snailmail. thanks
  2. hitting a speed bump, trying to figure out the best way to proceed. My joint sponsor had some delays in acquiring and sending out his original tax documents to me. He earns well above the minimum, and his taxes are complicated (the full packet is nearly an inch thick). To make a long story short, I may not be able to get the original documents in hand before the interview on Jan. 11th. So, what does that potentially mean to us? I know the common advice is bring *EVERYTHING* you could possibly think of to the interview. But... #1 - What are the odds they'll ask for the original tax docs? #2 - If we don't have them due to still being "in-transit" between here and there, what happens? visa put into administrative hold and a new interview scheduled for a future date when the docs are in hand? (a month delay maybe?) It won't be "impossible" for us to get the docs beforehand... but would be prohibitively costly to do so... Just trying to get a feel for what the consequences are, so i can weigh the options and costs......
  3. GREAT, that's what I was hoping for, thanks! (now that dates are known, time to get serious about landing a good offer!)
  4. I feel like this has been answered before, but I couldn't seem to come up with the right search terms. THE INFO: I'm a USC, living abroad together with my wife continuously since we were married 3.5 years ago. I filed for for an IR1 visa as a USC living abroad, and we have always presented as living together. Visa process is almost complete... NVC is CC, we're expecting an interview date any day now for 1st week in January. THE QUESTION: If I accept a job offer in the US that starts earlier, will my wife have any problems going to the interview alone if I move back to the US in mid-December, before the interview?
  5. I heartily second this recommendation. It's a good starting point for understanding each other when you're both from the same country. It's VITAL when you're adding in different cultural perspectives to the mix.
  6. Roger that I'll be quite happy to get past the NVC in a timely manner. It's the distant NVC officer that has little knowledge of country-specific conditions. The interview itself I expect to be quick and painless. No red flags in our case, I'll be present for the interview, and recent experiences from this embassy have been positive. Given the severe economic and security problems Venezuela is experiencing right now and how many people have left or are trying to leave, convincing a consular officer that lives here and knows how things are that I do indeed plan on returning to the US with my wife is basically a given.
  7. Good call. A signed letter from him stating his payment was on my behalf, combined with the canceled check and my PayPal transfer statement at the same timeframe should do it I think. Getting ALL canceled checks would prove annoying for the friend, but he shouldn't have any trouble getting the last 1-2 from his online statements and faxing me a copy. OK, let's see if I'm looking at this better now! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. I need to get the structural content nailed down and confirmed so I can gather the final missing documents. I can fine-tune spelling, phrasing, etc later on. Anything wrong with the structural content of the letter below, verbatim as it is? NAME SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER Form I-864 Part 4, Question 5: Country of Domicile I, XXXX, am currently residing in Venezuela with my spouse, SPOUSE'S NAME. Below you will find a list of attached documents to show that my principal residence is in the US and the steps that I have taken to return to the US with my family. Steps I have taken to maintain US Domicile: • Maintained my bank account at AAA Bank ($15 monthly fee) • Maintained my bank account at BBB Bank • Maintained my bank account at CCC Bank • Maintained my Ohio drivers license (Renewed in person, October 2014) • Maintained my US PO box in Ohio • Maintained a storage locker in Ohio with all of my belongings ($75 monthly fee) • Filed taxes with the State of Ohio in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Supporting Documents for the above steps I have taken: • AAA Bank statement showing US PO Box address • BBB Bank statement showing US PO Box address • CCC Bank statement showing US PO Box address • Ohio drivers license showing permanent US address (mom’s house) • Copy of original rental agreement with XYZ storage locker in Ohio, dated December 14, 2012. • Statements documenting most recent payment to XYZ storage locker in Ohio. § PayPal statement showing payment from myself to Tom Jones in Ohio. § Canceled check showing payment from Tom Jones to XYZ storage. § Letter from Tom Jones stating that his payment to XYZ storage in my name was on my behalf. • Copy of most recent 2015 Ohio State tax return. Steps I have taken to return to the US to take up residence: • Made arrangements for us to have the use of a house and car upon our arrival. Supporting documents for the above steps I have taken: • Letter from Tom Jones in Ohio, guaranteeing us the use of his spare bedroom and spare car upon our arrival. I declare that I intend in good faith to re-establish my domicile in the United States no later than the date of spouse's admission into the US. I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the statements in this letter and all accompanying evidence are true and correct. Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ______________________ Is this part necessary, should I just delete it?
  8. ok, that's what I had thought originally. The only thing I have towards "reestablishing" would be a letter from a friend for housing, which is pretty flimsy (anyone can write a letter). My evidence for showing that I kept domicile going is much more convincing. Which brings me back to my original post - despite being out of the country for 3 years, could it work to argue that I have kept my domicile going all these years, with the evidence I listed in the first post? Two additions to the original post: I did file state taxes. I do NOT have voter records.
  9. MMMM, so if I am reading that example letter correctly, It is not a case of "either / or"? I don't have to choose only ONE - maintained US domicile /OR/ returning to the US. The NVC evaluates BOTH "Steps I have taken to maintain US Domicile" AND "Steps I have taken to return to the US to take up residence" together to form a complete picture? My taxes are current, no problems there.
  10. Here’s yet another proving domicile post, with a twist! I’m arguing for having maintained domicile in the USA, despite 3 years abroad! Here’s what I’ve got, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Trying to avoid an RFE/Checklist of course! Three years ago I put all my stuff into storage in a 10x30’ locker, packed the rest into 3 suitcases, moved to Venezuela and got married. I sold my car to fund it all. I have no house. The original plan was to stay in Venezuela only until the visa came through in 9-12 months. But we decided to stay longer in her home country while we got our marriage fully established. As many here know, changing countries can be rather stressful! Fast forward in time. It’s now been three years, we’re ready to move back and coming into the home stretch at the NVC. The big question of domicile. My argument is different. Despite three years having passed, my argument is for having maintained domicile in the USA. I never intended to stay as long as I did, and I’ve never taken measures to settle or establish a life here. The last 3 years have essentially been in “limbo”. We are essentially poor and broke. My uncle is sponsoring affidavit of support, a good friend is making his spare bedroom and car available to us when we land, and from there, we get to work hard and claw our way up. It seems many of the “proving domicile” things I read assume at least a middle level of income, assets, or family, which don’t apply in my case. My arguments for having maintained domicile in the USA: 1.Domestic USA Bank Accounts a. I have accounts with three banks in the USA, including one I pay $15 monthly for. 2.Foreign Bank Accounts a. I did not file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) with the IRS. b. I never opened any foreign bank accounts. c. I never applied for a foreign credit card. d. I do not have my name on any joint accounts. e. I have ZERO banking presence here. I have ZERO foreign assets. 3.Belongings a. I never shipped my personal belongings to Venezuela, I took only what fit in a suitcase on the plane. b. I have maintained a 10’x30’ storage locker ($75 monthly expense) with all of my personal belongings, including furniture, books, clothing, electronics, artwork, and tools. i.Problem here in proving this. I have a copy of the original contract from 3 years ago, but I don’t have receipt payments. I have been sending money to a friend via PayPal every few months, and my friend sends a check to the storage facility. Should I ask my friend for copies of his canceled checks, and combine that with copies of my PayPal statements? Or is the original contract enough….. 4.I’m here on a TR-FV Visa – (transeúnte familiar) a. Transient, temporary family visa, limited to one year (extensions available and applied for) b. Not a resident, no rights as such. 5.Drivers license a. US Drivers license renewed in October, 2014 during my only visit home. b. Never applied for Venezuelan drivers’ license. My arguments for returning to domicile in the USA: 1. Errm…… none. 2. No apartment rental contract, no school applications for the kids we don’t have. No moving quotes for the stuff already back in storage in the USA, No job offers, and no housing search for the house we can’t afford.