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  1. It usually depends on the field office who organize and conduct these ceremonies. If they plan to include as many people as possible and prepare a big batch of people for a large judicial ceremony, then it can take time. If they conduct administrative ceremonies on a regular basis, then it does not take time. So you maybe looking at 2 weeks minimum to maybe 6 weeks maximum.
  2. Thanks for doing this. the user barneysk oath date is the same as interview date . i think he should be in red.
  3. Congratulations!!!! In my opinion getting interview scheduled text is actually more satisfying than attending the interview itself. Please update the date when you receive the interview letter.7/24 is actually the date you came to know that your interview has been scheduled.
  4. Oh OK. so its an Administrative ceremony.
  5. That was exceptional. Is it a judicial ceremony ? I guess you live in the city. For people from the burbs, it usually takes at least 1 and sometime 2 months to get an Oath date coz they try to gather as much people as possible in a large judicial ceremony. For the rest of us, I am not sure whats going with NYC office. There are people who will be approaching 5 month mark since sitting in the in line status. smh
  6. And also I must say how really pleasant and sweet everyone was there that day. You sure you were in NYC ?
  7. It could be 5,6,7 or 8 months. Cant really say. Don't postpone your interview if it falls in your holiday plans, as you may go back in the line and getting a new date may take even longer.
  8. Congratulations!!!! It must be an amazing feeling to get interviewed after nearly 8 months from date of filing.
  9. hey how did your interview went? Please post the experience.
  10. If your field office is NYC, then there are chances you may be done with your interview by December. Keep in mind that it has taken majority of people whose local field office is NYC about 7 and in some cases 8 months as well to get the interview date from the date of filing. Nobody understands how they schedule interviews.
  11. If your case hasn't moved to the in-line for interview status, it most probably means that your background check by the FBI hasn't come back yet to the USCIS. You can expect delay on your case as your country of origin is a Middle east country plus if you are a male within a certain age group. Nobody can accurately predict when your checks will come back. Have patience. Thats all i can say.