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Immigration Timeline

  1. Overstay

    Given the visa revocation, will this affect my application for a TN visa? CBP said the revocation will require further investigation so makes TN grant a little harder.
  2. Overstay

    yes, i meant to say that it's a moot point now. no priors or illegal work. has anyone filed the overstay waiver?
  3. Overstay

    i was unaware that i could've returned as long as i had a govt. issued ID. i only found out after. anyway, the passport renewal / overstay issue is a moot point. I'm trying to focus on a solution on how to ever re-enter the US again.
  4. Overstay

    thanks i was hoping for better news but i guess what's done is done. do you think it's worthwhile filing the overstay waiver?
  5. Overstay

    here's a recap of the events: 2014: had entered the US as a canadian tourist. overstayed in the US so was in the US for 7 months. i had sent in my canadian passport to ottawa in time for it to be returned to me in time so i could leave within the 6 months period. Ottawa sent it back to me because they said that the picture was inadmissible as there was a tiny glare on my nose. this delayed the process so by the time i received it, i was in the 7th month period. when i tried to re-enter the US, CBP realized that i had overstayed & said that i needed a B-2 visa. US consulate couldn't understand why CBP said i needed a B2 visa but issued one anyway. During the last 3.5 years, visits to the US has been sporadic, maybe 3-4 times (with 2 week stay). i've shown canadian bank statements, housing, driver's license etc.and return ticket. 2018 went to airport to check in & was told that B-2 visa was revoked. no reason given. was not allowed to enter CBP area & was told to contact US consulate. US consulate does not pick up for the phone other than to help with visa application. Email to US consulate came back with a reply to fill out forms to Homeland Security. I emailed forms to to Homeland Security and was told that review will take several months. In the interim, i went to US Consulate for visa application and was given a pink sheet stating that i was denied under section 214(b) and told that i needed to talk to CPB. No waiver was given & I wasn't aware of one so didn't ask. The waiver that people have mentioned. is the overstay visa or the temporary waiver form I-192? has anyone had any experience with that waiver ie has it been granted? should i hire a lawyer? i saw that there are agencies who''ll do it for you in lieu of a lawyer. Overstay penalty: how long does that go one for ? forever?
  6. Overstay

    i had overstayed in 2014. when i re-entered the US after, I was told to get a visa by CBP. the US consulate couldn't understand it either when i first got a visa in 2014 & tried again in 2018.
  7. Overstay

    I'm not going to try to cross the border without authorization first. I had already wasted an airfare - i only found out that my visa was revoked at the airport check in. I wasn't even allowed to enter the CBP area since check in staff said i couldn't get past airport security.
  8. Overstay

    US consulate believed me & were sympathetic. What they didn't understand is why CBP requested a visa in the first place in 2014. I told the US consulate about the overstay (which I'm sure is in their system already). They said that they couldn't provide a visa this time & that i needed to talk to CBP. I don't know how much time i need to stay out of the US. I've entered the US since 2014 with my documents showing strong ties to Canada & haven't had an issue until now.
  9. Overstay

    i got a pink sheet saying that denial is under section 214(b)
  10. Overstay

    i showed us consulate that i had strong ties to canada (entire family is here, bank statements, apt purchase) but they said i had to talk to CBP. that's the only reason they gave me for denial. what is this waiver? i was not offered one.
  11. Overstay

    sorry, i tried to post it under a different thread / topic but it looks like they grouped them
  12. Overstay

    Canadians don't need normally need visas to enter the US as a tourist. CPB told me after the overstay that i needed to get a visa so i did even though US consulate couldn't understand why. However the visa was just recently revoked with no reason given. I talked to CBP & they said that i needed to contact the US consulate. The US consulate denied me a 2nd visa & said that i needed to contact CBP. They apparently don't coordinate because they are 2 different agencies. i'm very confused.
  13. Overstay

    I overstayed a month in the US because I was waiting for a renewed Canadian passport. I didn't realize that I could've returned to Canada as long as I had a government issued id. That was 3 1/2 years ago. Am I banned indefinitely or is there a time period that I have to wait until I can return to the US? Will this affect future visas (eg work, fiance visa etc).
  14. Overstay

    I tried calling CBP at Pearson but they only take calls during 11am- 2pm from Monday-Friday. No one picked up the phone during those hours today & they have a public holiday on Monday.
  15. Overstay

    Hi, Does anyone know what days/ times Customs & Border Protection (CPB )has "public windows"? I know that they have this at various Canadian international airports where the public can go & ask them questions.