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Immigration Timeline

  1. N400 Denial continuous residency

    there are 1095 days in 3 years, and from 2/15/14 to 2/15/17 i spent (201+75+19+160+23=478 days) 1095-478=617 days spent in the US.
  2. N400 Denial continuous residency

    Thank you all the rule in this matter is clear, it states: In keeping with the three-year rule, however, the amount of time that you must be physically present in the U.S. before applying to naturalize is one half of three years, or 18 months. the 101 days were after the application was filled, and the three year time frame was calculated from 2/15/14 to 2/15/2017(date of filling).
  3. N400 Denial continuous residency

    GoBig please read my reply, as i mentioned how i was eligible after the first denial. Thanks
  4. N400 Denial continuous residency

    of course they do ask, but if no trip is over 6 months it shouldn't be a problem
  5. N400 Denial continuous residency

    i forget to mention that i have applied before and get denied on the basis of staying over a year from 2013 to 9/4/2014.but i was told i can reapply after 2years and 1 day after returning from my extended stay outside the US. I reapplied in 2/15/17 therefore the elegibility is present.
  6. N400 Denial continuous residency

    the continuous residency was not raised because it was satisfied 2years and one day after extended stay outside the US.
  7. N400 Denial continuous residency

    why was the 101 days added to the math as they were after the filling date. therefore in the last 3 years i have spent 567-101=466 days outside the US.
  8. N400 Denial continuous residency

    alll dates listed are correct, and if the counting is based on the time of filling what has the time spent outside the US after filling has to do with the statutory time (of course less than six months after filling)
  9. N400 Denial continuous residency

    Thank you, i filled based on a 3 year marriage.
  10. Hello everyone, I received the denial today, and i spotted an obvious mistake in it. could someone who reads this denial agree with me that the officer should not have added the 101 days to the total statutory period, as they have taken place after the filling date of the n400.? Many thanks to all