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  1. Thank you for the replies, we are going for a consultation tomorrow to see if we can do anything. I didn't come over to get married.. I did come over to see friends and my partner and stayed past my return flight which was booked to return to the UK. We have been partners for over two years, I have visited 3 times and my partner has also visited the UK
  2. Need some advice, I came over to the US on the visa waiver program to see friends and a woman I have met on previous visits. I extended my stay past my return flight to spend more time with the woman and we decided we didn't want to part again and that we wanted to commit our futures together. We have since gotten married and we are trying to sort through all the paperwork of changing status. My visa runs out on 12/12 and I am worried we won't be able to get everything done before my 90 days are up! I have also called an immigration lawyer who is saying that getting married here and then trying to change my status would raise a red flag as it would look like that was the plan before i arrived. Was told by the lawyer the best thing to do would be to leave the US and get my wife to file a spouse visa which I know will take a lot longer. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!