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  1. Im engaged to a USC, we were on our way to get our marriage license together but my purse was stolen along with my South African passport in it. My current visa expires in about 6 months, the process to get a replacement takes about 6ish months and thats just being hopeful. My question is whether we need my passport to get the license or not, i do have my South African ID, unabridged birth certificate as well as my DS-2019 form that states i am here legally with the date of expiration, and US homeland stamps etc. We wanted to get the legal part of the marriage over sooner so that we can open our joint bank accounts and get and apartment etc to add to our paperwork of AOS. Please can someone help me out as ive tried calling the court houses and city clerks only to end up in voicemail, let me give you guys thanks ahead of time for any help you can offer ,it is much appriciated
  2. I completely understand that which was why I came here to ask advice on it, by the way I pay for my own food so that can be taken out if it. I get what you're saying but I also paid a lot if money to the agency just like the family did and I have held up my end of contract so I would expect them to do the same, I have explained and asked them for a raise on multiple occasions and the outcome remains the same, now let's say I do to them what they are doing to me and decide to do whatever I wanted to do and refused to work more than the original amount of hours or the work that I originally came over here to do, then I would be in the wrong right??? So its okay for them to take advantage of the fact that I am here in their home but not for me to try to put a stop to it? The whole point of this program is to learn their culture and explore with them, something you cannot do if you're working 6 days a week for almost 10 hours a day so again I'll say i Dont blame the family I blame my agency for selling 1 thing to me and another to the family i am with
  3. It all depends in the agency, as I said the host families and aupairs are not the issue, agencies tell host families one thing then and tell aupairs another, I was one of the unfortunate ones that ended up with a agency that cares more about their bottom line than they do their aupairs, the several complaints I've made I've been told to just smile and work overtime to keep the family happy which is not how it is suppose to be, the promises that were made by both my agency and host family is entirely different once I arrived, I was supposed to have access to a car but that has since changed, I was not supposed to be changing adult diapers or bathing a teenager but once I arrived i was told I would get used to it and to do as I was told, the hours agreed upon were 30hrs a week but once I arrived I work over 45, I'm suppose to have 1.5 days off a week and 1 full weekend off a month but that's isn't always the case I'm forced to drive long distances when they Dont want to and have no say in when I want to take my 2 weeks vacation time, what is promised and what is actually given are two completely different things... And before anyone says that I should just leave it is not that simple and extremely expensive to do just that and i will be given the bad rep regardless of the outcome, its much more difficult than resigning, once I start that process I still have to live with them for 2 weeks which would be uncomfortable and full if tension
  4. This would be true however, the families require us to live with them therefore they are not allowed to deduct 40% of the pay for "board and food" this was what was brought up by the agency but was thrown out because we are not given the choice or option in where we live, even if it were apart of the reason then we should still get paid by labor law a minimum of $7.25/$7.50, I brought up the option that I would live with my fiancé and was told they could not allow that as they need me early mornings and till bed time and it would inconvenience them which is why they cannot say that its for my benefit, they are they only ones who benefit from it
  5. Thanks cyberfx1024 and everyone else, it is much appreciated.
  6. Yes in 2 weeks time, I was told that my agency could ruin my plans by canceling my visa before then and reporting me to immigration but I assume that is just a scare tactic
  7. At the moment I'm getting 4.25 an hour for 45 hours a week and the family has said that they are not required to give me a raise as the agency has told them they do not need to
  8. If I just quit I may be denied any type of visa in the future due to the way the department of state has set up the process, the lawsuit is already on going and was started by other aupairs as a set of aupair companies have not followed the state laws when considering our weekly pay, so the lawsuit doesn't actually affect my host family. The agencies have fixed lower pay rates in order to compete and make it more appealing to american families who need cheap child care, the suit is for underpaid and overworked aupairs that agencies don't actually protect and enforce the rules as they have stated that they did not need to notify the families of the state laws considering our pays, they intentionally tell families and au pairs that the weekly pay is set by the state department however the state denied these claims and the lawsuit won against the agencies trying to have it dismissed in July and is now moving forward
  9. I was emailed by a law firm that is suing for back pay concerning the low rates I'm being played as an aupair, they asked me to join their lawsuit. My question is I get married in the next two weeks and I want to know if there can be any backlash with my visa/ AOS because of this lawsuit and if I should join it? I've been here for over a year and look after and look after 14 year old twins, one has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair so its a lot of work and according to the states laws I'm supposed to be paid way more than what I'm getting as they are both on medication and I deal with a lot of physical abuse from the wheelchair bound child, eg, he bites my face and arms, hits, pinches, scratches, grabs my breast etc. Im not sure what to do because my agency doesn't care nor do my host parents , if I join can I be sent home???
  10. From what I understand once you apply for AOS your J1 Visa becomes null and void as you will then go into the pending phase. I'm not a lawyer so I'm unsure if this is 100% correct but once you file that paperwork you will be unable to participate in the program, I'm currently on a J1 Visa as an aupair and I am also married to a US citizen but I am waiting to file my paperwork during my 'grace period' I'm doing it this way because once you file the AOS paperwork you are allowed to stay in the USA legally until your process is over with this will allow me to complete my program and build my case. I hope that helps you. wishing you all the best
  11. I'm in Illinois and so is he, I do not have the 2 year stay requirement. Thank you
  12. I am South African and have been in the USA for over a year now, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to get married, I'm currently here on a J1 Visa as an aupair and have extended so this is my second year here, my question for you guys is what paperwork will we need before we can actually get married and how long will it take for us to get it together before we do the deed??? Thank you guys in advance