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  1. Wow! June filer and interview for August? Lucky!
  2. +1-800-375-5283 It might just be delayed, but to be on the safe side you can call them, I guess. Good luck.
  3. My husband's covered mine. Although mine is only federal emergency insurance as of now.
  4. What phone number exactly are you looking for?
  5. I filed 07-05 but I still used the old forms. They accepted it, thank God. Never been to Batangas but I got relatives in Lipa. I'm just starting to read the new instruction, thanks!
  6. Holy that one is 42 pages! Thanks, I never thought of searching the new instructions after I filed. By the way, where do you come from in PH? I'm from Bataan.
  7. Just read the other comments that it states on the instruction. It's probably the new one, 'cause what I have on my pdf app still saved is the old one. Sorry about that. Just send it when they RFE and hope for the best. Good luck!
  8. You just got lucky lol, that $60ish is way too expensive. But if you got money, why not, right? Haha
  9. Weird, I only got until page 9 on the instruction that I read. Is that new instruction by any chance?
  10. I don't think that it said on the I-485 instructions to include a divorce decree. They should have it on the records since all K1 applicants included it on the I-129F packet. However, there are people who are saying they included theirs just to be on the safe side.
  11. So I am right it's a one-day mail! Haha, I paid $7 for the USPS 2-day delivery. How much was the Fedex?
  12. My husband was over it. And he paid for it. I, on the other hand, is still not. lol. Really hoping for a smooth process from now on.
  13. I sent mine via regular mail, those with tracking numbers, 07-05 and then it was supposed to be there at 07-07 but it arrived in the lock box the next day 07-08. Regular mail isn't bad at all. But let's wait what those people who sent via Fedex and DHL will say. I think theirs is a one-day mail.
  14. Oops, my bad. 07/12 was the day the UsCiS accepted my package. Did it say like that on my timeline? I'm gonna change it. 07-05 : Mailed I-485 07-08 : Delivered 07-12 : USCIS acceptance 07-16 : SMS/Email notification I'm currently waiting for my hard copy of NOA1 in the mail. It was a story, alright. Still can't get over that $1225 that's just gone. Anyway, thank you and good luck to everyone. Congratulations! Waiting on mine.
  15. I am so sorry you feel that way. Can it be because you are just feeling homesick and you miss your family back home? This happened to me. The first few months of me here in the US I felt really really depressed, like I got the whole America on my back. My husband and I consistently fought on those first months. There was NEVER a day that we did't argue. There were some days too that he was like your husband, saying he's a pretty guy and he makes lots of money ( which is true ) so we fought more for him being so cocky. My advise is, maybe go together to the therapy? Tell him that you guys need to work together if you want to save your marriage. If he is Borderline and Narcissistic, you definitely should go to counseling, have him check, but do this with nice and positive attitude. If you feel like you can't really do it anymore, just tell him, and leave the realtionship. I hope it goes well. On my case, I've been here almost 4 years, been married almost 4 years as well, got two kids and we still fight - but just normal usual marriage fights. So maybe try to do counseling if you feel that you can do it. Good luck.