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  1. Question: Can I use the biometrics fingerprint that I did for AOS for getting a fingerprint clearance card? If so, how? I am supposed to get a fingerprint clearance card from the Department of Public Safety that the Board of Pharmacy in my state ( AZ) requires for me to get a Pharmacy Technician license. I am just wondering, since I had a fingerprinting back in August for my AOS, is there any way I can obtain my fingerprints from the Application Support Center to get a fingerprint clearance card? Or this is not possible? I tried to search on the forums on same topics but didn’t find anything. Thank you. EDIT: I know I can just apply for a clearance card, but it costs $65 and I just think that it’s ridiculous for me to spend more money on the same thing that I did just a few months ago.
  2. My EAD/AP approval letter looked like that. Then a few days later my combo card was in the mail.
  3. Hi, everyone. I recently received my EAD and will be looking for jobs soon. I am from the Philippines and have a Nursing degree from PH but not registered there or here. I have read about the process of me being a nurse here in the US but it is a long process and expenses. I am thinking of studying to take the Pharmacy Tech exam, I already read that I can do it as long as I got my College Diploma. Does anybody here is a CPhT? Did anyone just recently take the exam? Is anyone currently working as PhT? Can you tell me ideas about the exam, personal experiences on the job, how’s the pay, is it a good job, is it worth the time and effort on taking the exam? I would appreciate any opinions, suggestions, etc. TiA!
  4. Hi, Am & Ra. I recently filed ROM ( November ) to the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles California. I take it your marriage took place in San Francisco? You can, as well, file it in LA ( mail or walk-in ). I am from AZ but I went to LA since we were on vacation in California. I’d say it was faster and easier. It only took me an hour for the ROM to be finished, then I also did my passport renewal on my married name right after the ROM was done. However, if you are sending it by mail, it might take a bit longer. 1. Only the Affidavit of Delayed Registration need to be notarized. At least mine was. Make sure that you have your not only marriage license, but also the marriage certificate. I had my Affidavit of Record of Marriage and that worked. 2. Biographics data of passports are needed in passport renewal, not ROM. They might, however, ask for an identification from you and wife which you can also use your US passport, birth cert, or any ID. 3. She can renew her passport right after her RoM is done. More info on this link: http://www.philippineconsulatela.org/consular-services-2/civil-registry-2/report-of-marriage-of-a-filipino-abroad
  5. SSN thru EAD card

    That did not answer any of my concern. But never mind, saw what I need on the SS website.
  6. SSN thru EAD card

    I just received my EAD/AP card yesterday and I’m wondering if I can get my SSN using that card? I never got it when I arrived in the US as my I-94 was expired. I got my married name on the EAD card. So is there anything else I should bring when going to the SS office aside from my marriage certificate? How long will that take? One day? Weeks? Thanks in advance.
  7. Congratulations! Got my Combo card yesterday. The same day I got two mails from informed delivery was the same day the priority mail tracking was there too.
  8. My husband got hurt in his job right when he got back to work after our wedding and now disabled. I don’t think I need to explain everything to you, but there ‘ya go.
  9. I was from Bataan, it’s in Central Luzon. Never been to Davao, I heard it’s nice.
  10. Thank you so much! I will make sure to bring all the necessary documents and even the ones they might need. I can finally tell my sister that I will be there on her wedding day! That feels so good. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
  11. That is so great to hear! May I ask when did you guys do this? Although, if I am right, so you guys filed 5 months after she came here with the k1 visa. If I am not mistaken, overstaying is only considered an overstay and will be ban if it is more than 180 days? You guys didn’t reach to 180 days. You think I won’t have any problems since I’ve been here for 4 years before filing AOS? Thanks po!
  12. Hi. I know there might be topic/s related to this on the forums but I wanted to see if there is anyone who personally went through the exact same or at least a little same thing I am gonna do. I came to the US in Sept 2013 with a K1 visa, got married within 90 days, and only applied for AOS last July. Today ( finally ), I got a letter saying my AP was approved. My sister is getting married on April and I would really wanna be there. Can I travel to PH at least less than a month ( 3 weeks, maybe? ) for her wedding? Or I’m gonna have a problem getting back here since I overstayed my k1 visa? I would like to hear from someone who had the same experience or people who have certain ideas about this. Thank you.
  13. Thank you! After 140 something days.
  14. They were indeed the approval letters for EAD and AP. I can finally take it off my mind now. Just praying the USPS won’t lose it.