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  1. Thanks! This is exactly the information I needed. In all likelihood, we will be staying in the US for at least 5 years (and won't be visiting her home country for any longer than 3 months, probably no more than one month, and once a year at most). And I likely wouldn't be working anywhere abroad except in her home country, in which case I would become a permanent resident there, but as I said, in all likelihood not for a number of years. Thanks!
  2. Here are two little questions about sponsoring a spouse (in my case, Japanese citizen wife). I am a US-born citizen. (1) First, I see that the requirement to apply for removal of conditional residence status after receiving the green card applies if the residency permission is given within two years of marriage. We were married in November 2015, and I submitted my I-130 in March 2017. Based on current wait times, it looks like I will receive word from the National Visa Center in September, but of course it could be earlier or later. If she receives her green card after November 2017, am I correct in assuming that there will then be no requirement to remove the conditional status on her residency? (2) Second, I am currently in graduate school and will be finished in Spring 2019. Around 2020 there is a good chance I will be looking for jobs, and I may be applying for jobs abroad. Since I am a US citizen and my wife would be accompanying me as a spouse, would this affect her ability to stay a permanent resident? Would I be stuck in the US for a certain number of years to prevent her from losing her residency status? Anyway, thanks everyone for your patience and I apologize if this has been asked before.
  3. Oh, and they also confirmed that it has been sent to the Texas Service Center for processing.
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice. I ended up submitting it with various forms of evidence and have already received the I-797C Notice of Action. The receipt number online says to check the I-797C for the next instructions. The form says "The I-130, Petition for Alien Relative has been received by our office for the following beneficiaries and is in process:" and then accurately lists my wife's information. It says to confirm information and contact if any changes are necessary. What should I do next? What other forms, biometrics, criminal backgrounds checks, etc., should I go ahead and start on while this processes? Or is it better to wait for the next update on the online case info? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for your advice. Would it be worth considering a K-3 Visa with an adjustment of status? It certainly wouldn't be the end of the world to wait 10-18 months, but is a K-3 visa faster? Thanks again.
  6. Hi - I'm new here and all the information has been super helpful. However, I was wondering if I could get some basic advice about how to begin the process. Basic Info: -My wife is a Japanese citizen; we met in a US college and we started dating and we both graduated in Spring 2011. I could provide a graduation photo of us together + scans of diploma to show the date. -We took two trips together to Korea and Thailand in winter 2011-2012, for which we have photos and passport stamps. -We lived together from August 2012 to August 2016. We could get the Japanese "juminhyo," or residency certificate, which would show our old address and names together in Japanese. -We got legally married at a city office in Japan in December 2015, but our wedding was in late November. We have a copy of our marriage certificate. What other documentation should we provide besides the i-130 and g-325a? Are pictures + proof of travel together enough? I saw on boards here that the sworn affidavits from friends (which we could get from friends who were at our wedding and our in the photos, friends who are not family members and currently live in other states, which I suspect might be good proof of bona fides). I also have statements from a USA savings account we opened together in late 2015 that I can provide. If possible, I'd like to avoid getting the "juminhyo" residency document for our old address in Japan, since it will be a bit inconvenient for my wife and I suspect Japanese documents will be less useful. Will photos, marriage certificate, evidence of travel back in 2011-2012, and a shared bank account be sufficient? I can certainly get sworn affidavits, of course, before the interview, etc. We are hoping for her to move here in August if possible, and I plan on being over there over the summer, and hopefully we will come back together. Does anyone have any idea of when the embassy interviews usually happen? Thanks so much.