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  1. They are all photocopies but they are cut up so they would fit together. So should I have 1 photocopied piece of evidence per page and then just have relevant photos clipped to them? Should I just keep all the photos in their own separate pile in a bag? I have no idea what is going to be the best looking + easiest for them to manage.
  2. Ok, so do you think I can get away with taping everything onto a plain sheet of paper in the same way I have them organized in the sleeve, or should I redo everything? :/
  3. Hey everyone, I'm about to send out my package, but on doing some final nit-picky research, I saw many people saying USCIS throws away things like binders and plastic sleeves. That doesn't really affect me except for my "evidence" sections. The way I set them up is with real photos and photocopies of reciepts and passes, etc. In order to keep everything organized, some things are taped into the sleeves. I've seen other people somehow manage to make collages with notes all printed on a single sheet, which would be easy to remove from the plastic sleeves. Mine will not be that simple to remove and could actually mess up some of the information that all goes together. However, if they simply photo-copy the sheets themselves and then chuck the entire thing, it probably wouldn't be a problem. What does everyone think/suggest? (It sucks cause I spent so long organizing these...)
  4. Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I met online 8 years ago and we are finally trying to make the move to be together with the K-1 visa! I've been putting things together for a few months (busy with work), and am almost done with everything. But I just realized something that may or may not be a big problem. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life, and last spring I got a job in Duluth, MN. I had an apartment there for a while but it was too small. I am now living in Superior, WI, just over the bridge. I still work in Duluth, everything about me is still Minnesotan, including my drivers license and passport info. So... is this going to be a problem? We're going to be living here (in Wisconsin) together. I really don't know what steps I need to take. Do we also have to get married in WI then? Really this just stems from my unfamiliarity with the logistics of moving to a new state on my own part. Any insight would be very helpful!