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  1. Thank you everyone including Geo for your help. I guess it is decided. I will wait and go to the interview. It is mainly finances that is keeping me from say going soon and then again for interview, mainly because I want to have the extra cash in reserve for the AOS as well and $1300+ average ticket cost alone for Boston to Japan round trip isnt cheap either. One of the main reasons I wanted to see her sooner is because the government slowing down in the cases kind if makes the stress worse which I am sure we are all victims of. That is also one if the reasons I haven't been as active on this site because it almost came to the point where I worried more about the case and calculating every little progress that it took focus away from the one I love.
  2. Thank you for the replies that is what I feared. We have over 500 pictures from being together, many professional ones as well. We have WU receipts from when I send her money every month. Receipts from when I buy her delivery flowers, and conversation records from Facebook Messenger (we chat and video call every day multiple times). However she is 12 years younger then me, and whilst we have known each other for a long time, we only met 1 time in person which was in December for 2 weeks when I proposed. I feel like the Age difference, the single time meeting in person, and her being from Cambodia (birth) will probably make the need for me to be at the interview very high.
  3. What about her Cambodian passport? I think Cambodia is a high risk country (maybe?) wouldnt the embassy treat her case similar to high risk?
  4. Embassy that the interview will take place is Tokyo, Japan which is low risk. However my Fiance has legal residence in Japan on a Student Visa. She is from Cambodia, therefore her passport is Cambodian.
  5. So as a January filer my estimated date for approval seems to be late next week. I planned around my approval being close to this date because for the most part what I had been seeing in approvals for the months previous to January... who also happened to pay less.. were getting a 94ish day average from NOA1 to NOA2. Well since they hit January they slowed down significantly, and it doesn't look like they are on track to meet anything close to estimated dates (unless you get lucky). At this point I might not even see an approval to mid may to late may... I had already planned to wait until the interview to visit my Fiance, because I was expecting the interview to be around the end of June. Now that might be more like End of July possibly. Now I am contemplating just visiting her next month if I don't receive an NOA2 by the first Friday of May, but this will mean I will most likely not be able to be there for the interview. Even though our case is pretty simple and straight forward, no prior marriages, no children, no criminal records.... is attending the interview as the petitioner a "make or break" scenario? or will them simply seeing evidence that I visited (if I go in May) between NOA1 and NOA2 just as good in their eyes (person giving the interview? Thanks for any help
  6. I honestly have no clue how to fix it. Those are the case numbers, and dates the scan script created by Geo produced. I even started my very first scan based on the range of his December case number list which he completed, so in other words the last case number for December was basically the first number I started scanning at.
  7. Oh ok for Japan where my fiance will be having her interview it seems maybe a faster embassy than normal. Most timelines for that consulate between NOA2 and Interview seems to hover at almost exactly 2 months total.
  8. Not sure why people are worried so much about August. So far even if you just go by the timelines of people almost at interview stage in the November filers thread, I am looking at a June interview+visa in hand (and my NOA1 is 1/24) . Probably even May interviews (and visa) for quite a few of the Jan 1-10th filers
  9. Jan filer here, and thanks to the instructions and help from Geo I will be heading up the Jan scans when the time comes. Since there seems to be disagreement for a few of us Jan filers, to anyone in here who already has had their interview or already has their interview date set, what is the time between your NOA2 and the interview date itself?
  10. According to my scans there is ~3000 Jan cases but that also includes the ones that were rejected already due to whatever reason
  11. I agree, don't give up. Just search by your NOA1 date and it should be easy to find the case. I can make a separate sheet that has the cases in order by WAC number but then the dates would all be scrambled (I have no clue why USCIS hands out case numbers like that). You are welcome everyone, I might not be able to make it look as neat as Geo but I will try. Once the scans see changes on case statuses I will add the changes (or lack there of) to new columns for comparison. As someone with a Jan 24 receipt date, it seems my case is maybe around the 2/3rd mark of all Jan filers, my VJ estimated date for NOA2 is around April 26. From the average I have seen it is like 2-3 weeks after NOA2, then it finally gets shipped to embassy, maybe 1-3 more weeks you set up interview. Depending on your embassy location (country) varies greatly on how soon you can probably get an interview. Could be 2 weeks to 1 month and 2 weeks. After interview maybe 7 days or less to get visa
  12. I think it might be fixed now. let me know if you see any more missing. Thank you everyone. Even got some early Feb filing in there but its still under 5k so ill just leave it in.
  13. ok thank you. I will correct it when I get home. You are very welcome.
  14. Wow, that is strange. Maybe I made a mistake in some of my ranges. When i get home from work today I will try and scan again in your date range..
  15. Going to be attempting to follow in Geo's footsteps for us Jan filers and do scans a few times a week once I have all of the Jan I-129fs sorted, and then once they start making progress on Jan cases I will try to do nightly scans. This is what I have so far: (excuse the non Jan dates in there)