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  1. Update again. At around 25 hours after interview my NVC case status changed completely. Now is showing as non immigrant Visa and has new case create date, and changed from application received to administrative processing
  2. Now has changed to administrative processing in same day
  3. Anyone else have their NVC case status change to "application received " after the interview? It said ready before.
  4. So we had our interview at Tokyo embassy monday. The CO didn't sound to happy but it ended with him saying that our visa was approved and we would get the visa and passport within 7 days. Just checked the case status on NVC 24 hours later and now it says "application received" and before it said Ready. Is this normal?
  5. Just to give everyone an update. We had our interview today. The CO that did the interview sounded angry the entire time. Almost like he had a personal anger towards us. This is in Japan embassy which is supposed to be easiest. By the tone if his voice it sounded like he was set in denying us just because we only meet in person one time (not counting now) if they are even allowed to deny for that reason that is just how he came off. I had prepared tons and tons of supporting evidence like 50 pages of Facebook chat screenshots. 50 pages of call logs. Over 50 photographs of us together in Cambodia and Japan. Even pages from a live journal we kept, and all of the receipts from when I sent her WU or had flowers delivered. After the questions asking phase of the interview he asked for all of the documents we bring with us so I give him all of that. Maybe 10 minute later he calls us up again and in a still angry voice says that our visa is approved and we will receive in mail within 7 days.
  6. Japan embassy actually had available interview slots even as close as May 31. I didnt even wait for my case status to say ready at NVC before I made interview appointment, paid for visa, DS-160 etc
  7. The first hospital that she made an appointment for told her that if she is on her cycle they cannot complete the full exam.
  8. Just to give everyone an update: -Checked NVC case tracker online Saturday night: In Transit -Checked NVC case tracker online Tuesday morning (Today): Ready -Medical Exam: June 6th 2017 -Interview date: June 19th 2017 We were stressed about the medical exam big time because there is a chance she will still be on her cycle still at the time of the Exam, so I literally pulled all stops. There just happens to be 2 Hospitals in Tokyo that do the exam, so I had her make an appointment for a medical exam at the second hospital merely 3 days after the first just in case she is turned away or has to wait to do parts of the exam.
  9. Just curious. Looking at the time I have on my appointment confirmation it has a number in Parentheses next to the time of the interview. Example: 8:00 (5) What is the 5?
  10. Something everyone might find amusing. Tonight I got an email from USCIS stating that the expedite I requested 4 days before my case was approved, was approved a day before the NOA2 date of approval. I just now... got notified hahahaah. My case has been at NVC for a week now haha and I already have case number
  11. So My case has been "at NVC" when I check case status for almost a week now (Since i got case number). Yet I see some people get their case number and their case sent out same day.
  12. Edit button disappeared. I'd also like to add that it is very customary for an engagement ceremony to take place in Cambodian Tradition. If we were to have the Interview at the Embassy in Cambodia, they would actually require proof of an engagement ceremony taking place (yes even for K-1). So I think we are fine. Does Turkey have similar customs?
  13. I don't know how the embassy will react in Turkey, but I had an engagement ceremony with my Fiance in Cambodia (Where she is from) with her family. There was a lot of professional pictures taken, in multiple different traditional outfits. However, Cambodia does not support Common Law Marriage. To get married in Cambodia you have to do things like register the marriage, do fingerprints, and pay off some corrupt officials (As a foreigner). I started the process with a Lawyer, and he advised me to not try and hide or lie about having such ceremony if we are ever asked during the process, he also said to just mention that Cambodia does not support Common Law Marriage. I certainly hope there is no issue at the Interview stage (we are currently at NVC stage) but I have heard Tokyo Embassy (where the interview will take place) is easy and they are very courteous.
  14. Got case number today. Couldn't find any resources that could answer this question: Can I schedule medical and interview now or do I need to wait for it to say "ready"?
  15. Great advice! I just got my NVC case number today. My question now is if I can actually schedule medical exam and interview, or do I need to wait for it to say "ready"?