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  1. Yes, good luck for us, and let's hope that things speeds up.
  2. Well, I am still confusing with all this process. But we just followed the attorney's recommendation. As far as I know, that is the path we took, CR1, and we applied for i-130. I don't know if there is another faster way to go, and btw I am not in USA right now.
  3. Thanks for your answer. My wife is a USC, so my case will probably be slower
  4. Is there any reason for more people been waiting at Nebraska SC? Does it mean that Potomac (supposedly less people waiting) will be faster? ps: I am using visajorney timeline stats as info source.
  5. No, I am from Brazil, and you?
  6. Hi I know it will take a time before we start getting our NOA2, I am not dealing well with all this waiting (it's been 2 years since I left USA, and 10 months that I last saw my wife). Do you guys have a prediction of when we might start been approved? Is there anything wrong with Potomac Service Center? I saw that the processing case date (June, 12) is far behind all the others Service Centers.
  7. I am doing all this process through a lawyer, because I needed a J1 visa waiver before the beginning of the CR1.
  8. I hope it doesn't take more than 5 months for us.
  9. My NOA1is from Nov, 15th, Potomac too. So I think we have close dates. This waiting is killing me. PS: sorry, not Dec.
  10. Did you hear about any i-130 from november approved in Potomac? Almost every case I see here (i-130 november) is in Nebraska.
  11. Hi, I would like to know if there is a reason for the huge delay (compared to the others) on processing time for I-130 at Potomac SC? Thanks.
  12. Hey, My wife filled an I-130 for me, she lives in USA, and I am living in Brazil. We don't see each other for almost a year, last time she came to Brazil, and now I want to visit her. I don't have an USA visa right now, do you think the I-130 will be a problem for me to get a tourist visa? thanks.
  13. I think I will just wait, and not try to get a visa now. It's sad, but financially safer, because the B2 fee is ok, but the expense to travel to get the visa will be too much to risk.
  14. Yeah, probably it's our best option. Thanks.
  15. I agree, that's why I didn't apply for a visa yet. I think I will have to wait until the end of the process.
  16. Thanks
  17. No house, I have a car, I'm enrolled as full time student for my second undergrad course. I'm already a lawyer, but I don't work with it, I just help my parents with their law office, so I can't use it as a job.
  18. First, thanks for all the answers. My priority date is Nov, 15th, 2016, so I think my process is just in the beginning. The fact that I got married in USA under a J1 visa, and came back to my country before the expiration date of my visa can help me proving that I don't have bad faith, that I'm not trying to fraud immigration?