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  1. Yeah, Brazil is a complete mess right now. I will keep calling them, I think all the representatives at the NVC already know me. Thanks.
  2. Hehehe. No date yet. It seems that the brazilian embassy is the busiest in the world. But our congressman already checked my case, and he said it's all fine, just waiting in the line. I hope we get one date soon too.
  3. Anyone from Brazil here? I have been problems with Brazilian embassy to schedule my interview.
  4. Yeah, it is very depressing. But if we have to wait, we will wait and everything will be fine. I just need to thank you all here for the huge support. You all are great.
  5. Yes, I did email the embassy, and they said to talk to the nvc. I already called the nvc thousands of times, they say my case is completed since May 23rd, that I have to wait until the embassy have available date for me. And they never let me talk to a supervisor, because they say I don't have a reason to talk to a supervisor, he would not be able to do anything about this. I am now waiting for our congressman's help, hopefully he will be able to do something, he is our last chance, because I don't know what else to do, this is terrible, we are so powerless to do anything.
  6. Still no interview for me. I'm pretty sure the embassy in Brazil is on vacation since May, there is no other explain for my 3 months delay.
  7. Wow, thanks for that. I am dying here, my cc was 3 months ago, and no interview so far. She is from the same embassy as me. and her cc was way after mine. So, if it really has a interview queue, my interview must have been scheduled by now. I am calling to the nvc now, hoping for the best.
  8. To the interview too? Thanks for your answer
  9. Guys, I think this might be a little out of topic here, but do you know if the sponsor/joint sponsor affidavit can be scanned and printed or it need to be the original signature? thanks
  10. No, nothing yet. No news from the NVC, and now I'm waiting for our congressman to help us.
  11. I already sent an email to the congressman, I'm waiting for an answer. Should I try him over the phone?
  12. Hi, I still don't have my interview date, and as some of you told me a couple days ago, I am trying to talk to a supervisor at the NVC. I called them twice, and they never let me talk to a supervisor, both times they gave me excuses and nothing happened. So, once again I don't know what to do. I already talked to my lawyer in the USA and she said that I have to be patient and wait. Well, I don't know if there is anything else I can try to do, at this point I'm just sharing with you guys.
  13. No, not yet. I'm searching on how to do it.
  14. Do anyone here has experience talking to a supervisor at NVC? Do they really can help at something? I called there today and they said the same old thing, that they will be in touch once they schedule my interview. I'm start thinking that they lost my case, that's why they not scheduled me yet.
  15. I'm still waiting to have my interview scheduled, since May 23rd, I have no idea what to do. Does anybody have any ideas here? I'm the only brazilian here, so I have no idea why our embassy is with that huge delay. I already sent an email to the embassy at Rio de Janeiro, but they said I have to talk to the NVC, so I called to the NVC and they told me to wait. Please, any idea is appreciated. Thanks
  16. Thanks for that and for all the help. I will let you know when they schedule me.
  17. Congratulations! I'm really happy for you and your parents.
  18. Interview City, Country: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil CC date: May, 23th Visa Type: CR1/IR1 55 days so far
  19. I already did it. They said there is nothing wrong with my case, that it's completed, and in line to be scheduled. I also requested it to be expedited, but they said no. I think that our embassy is just busy. Thanks.
  20. Hi. Yes, I sent an email to brazilian embassy, and they said to wait because they still don't have my case or that I should call to the nvc. I am kind of disappointed with it, I don't know what else to do besides waiting. I already talked to @ricvtr22, he is keeping me updated with his process. As soon as I have any news I will let you guys know, and update my data here. Thanks.
  21. Sorry to hear about it. But as far as I know there is no much to do, my case was completed on May 23rd, and I don't have a date either. I called to the NVC a million times, and they tell me to wait, I'm tired of waiting but that's what we have to do. They will schedule us, hopefully soon. Good luck for you.