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  1. Hi, My case was just completed at nvc and no problem with the affidavit of support, but it is one of the documents I need to bring to the interview. The problem is that my wife changed jobs since we sent the documents to the nvc. Do you guys think it will be a problem? Would we need a new affidavit of support, and documents? Should I say something about the new job at the interview? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I am coming here to say that my interview was this morning at Rio de Janeiro embassy, and my visa was approved. Hopefully I will be going back home before thanksgiving. Thanks for all the help you all gave me.
  3. Hi, My interview is next Wed, and my wife is really anxious about it. She wants to travel all the way to brazil to attend the interview with me. Do you guys think it might help our case, or it wouldn't make any difference? Thanks.
  4. Hi, My p4 letter say that I have to bring with me to the interview the civil documents that I submitted to the NVC. Does it include my wife's (USC) documents, like birth certificate, ID and any other? Or it's just my civil documents? Thanks
  5. Well, it's good to know that I am not alone.. hehe thanks.
  6. I understand it. But my question is because I never saw it appearing on a IR-1 visa, only on K-1.
  7. Sorry, I think i didn't explain it very well. Before It was only my case number there, and now it is showing my case number + 01 RDJ. I would like to know what this '01 RDJ' means?
  8. Hi guys. Does anyone know what this thing on the picture means? My case status change to ready, but something was add right beside the case number. Thanks
  9. Sorry, I'm so stressed about it, that I read it too fast. Thanks a lot
  10. Hi, My interview was scheduled, and my wife is not able to sponsor me alone anymore. So we found a joint sponsor, she has income enough to sponsor me easily, her 2017 income is fine, and her tax return for 2016 is fine too. But we asked her the tax return for 2015 and 14, and she sent us some only her w2, and some documents are missing. Can I go to the interview only with 2016, and 2017 documents, and just ignore 2015 and 2014 income. Obs: Her 2014/15 tax return is fine too, we just do not have the documents. Thanks.
  11. I do not have an employer letter, but I have a pay stub. Is it enough, or we need both?
  12. How long it usually takes to receive the NVC email after they schedule the interview?
  13. Morning everyone, I just came to tell you that after 4 months and 16 days I finally have my interview scheduled. I just would like to thank you all for the support during all that time, that was a long stressful ride. CC: May 23rd Interview: Nov 8th
  14. I saw all of this people, but Salu&Mic register here on September 20th and filled his info but never came back, I believe it is a fake or something, besides the fact that he has a different kind of visa. Fclsp75 is not even a user, so I can't reach him, at least i didn't found his user. And the other, I already talked to them, and no delay for them at all. I already called to the NVC once saying that they already scheduled another person with the same kind of visa that had his CC after mine, and their answer was that every case is different from the other, even if you are applying for the same kind of visa. But if you ask them what are the criteria to scheduling queue, they don't know or are not allowed to say.
  15. I was expecting something different from the congressman too. There is no other brazilian on this forum, so I have no idea if this delay is just on my case. And neither the NVC nor the embassy can say anything about it, it's everything so confidential, that we feel completely powerless on our case.
  16. Hey guys, Some of you already know me, and know my case. But I'm coming here to ask you for ideas of what I can do. My case was completed on May 23rd, and I don't have an interview date so far, it's been almost 5 months. My lawyer already called the brazilian embassy and they told her to talk to the NVC. She already called to the NVC and they said that they don't have a timeframe but our case is completed and there is nothing wrong with it, we just have to sit and wait. I tried our congressman, but he tried the brazilian embassy and the NVC, and had exactly the same answers, so no help at all. We already tried requesting expedition, but they said if nobody is dying they don't see a reason to expedite my case. We don't know what else to do, it seems that we won't be schedule. Do any of you have any ideia of what we can try to do? Thanks guys.
  17. I called the NVC once more, and still no date. But I know they just started scheduling.
  18. Yeah, Brazil is a complete mess right now. I will keep calling them, I think all the representatives at the NVC already know me. Thanks.
  19. Hehehe. No date yet. It seems that the brazilian embassy is the busiest in the world. But our congressman already checked my case, and he said it's all fine, just waiting in the line. I hope we get one date soon too.
  20. Anyone from Brazil here? I have been problems with Brazilian embassy to schedule my interview.
  21. Yeah, it is very depressing. But if we have to wait, we will wait and everything will be fine. I just need to thank you all here for the huge support. You all are great.
  22. Yes, I did email the embassy, and they said to talk to the nvc. I already called the nvc thousands of times, they say my case is completed since May 23rd, that I have to wait until the embassy have available date for me. And they never let me talk to a supervisor, because they say I don't have a reason to talk to a supervisor, he would not be able to do anything about this. I am now waiting for our congressman's help, hopefully he will be able to do something, he is our last chance, because I don't know what else to do, this is terrible, we are so powerless to do anything.
  23. Still no interview for me. I'm pretty sure the embassy in Brazil is on vacation since May, there is no other explain for my 3 months delay.
  24. Wow, thanks for that. I am dying here, my cc was 3 months ago, and no interview so far. She is from the same embassy as me. and her cc was way after mine. So, if it really has a interview queue, my interview must have been scheduled by now. I am calling to the nvc now, hoping for the best.