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    We met on chatango 3 years ago, and started skyping not long after. Over the past 3 years we've been there for each other through everything, we've supported each other and helped each other grow and achieve things we never thought we could do on our own. We finally met in December of 2015 in person and it was the most amazing and magical 3 months of our lives! We even went to Disneyland!! That time together made us realise that this relationship is truly what we want, and he proposed to me! No ring yet, but it was never the ring that mattered anyway. We're currently in the process of applying for a K-1 visa, and I'm also visiting him very shortly again on an ESTA for another 3 months! We can't wait to finally be married and together for good!! ♥ (And never have to worry about the wifi cutting out again)

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  1. Thank you for the information We know that its not as simple as applying, and its not even the disability thing that we're worried about, its just whether or not the co-sponsor's assets really will be accepted as enough.
  2. Hello! I'm just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences to ours and if they could give any insight maybe.. My fiance is unable to work due to PTSD from childhood trauma and is currently applying for disability. We have a co-sponsor, but they are currently unemployed, they are only able to sponsor because they have $130,000 in assets. They don't have any dependents so they meet the requirement for 125% above the poverty line for 2 people x5. Technically we meet the criteria that the government asks for, but I'm still worried it might get denied if they think my fiance being on disability and the co-sponsor having assets instead of income is not good enough..