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  1. Yes I did , I paid on line before coming to US , it is $220
  2. Yeah . very depressing after the long wait almost 2 years , now we are subjected to get deported . But I think as long as they didn't mention H-1B , definitely they won't approach family based visa . They are talking about the visa lottery to cut down to half 500,000 instead of 1 million , but to my information I think it's been 500,000 all the time or I might be mistaken
  3. Hi VJ members You've been a great help for me , now as I already moved in California IR-1 visa , my kids joined schools , got my SSN , opened a bank account , now I am reading the California driving instructions handbook for the driving licence . Is there anything needed to be done while I am here concerning my situation as immediate relative till I get my GC ?
  4. I've just received my SSN now I'll be able to get a bank account
  5. I've been here since 26 of Jan on IR1 visa , haven't received my SSN yet , but I need to get a licence , can I get it without having SSC ?
  6. Why these countries can't come in right now , do you know why ? These seven countries neither its citizen committed a terrorist attack in any country or killed a US citizen , while there are other countries which are not on the list some of its citizen committed terrorist attack and killed hundreds of USC . The question now why the countries whose citizen killed American and other nationalities are not on the list , while innocent countries who have domestic political issues are on the list.
  7. Thank you , I made it through and I am happy and lucky too , but now as it is said that the GC wouldn't be easy anymore , I am wondering if I may find difficulty to get my physical green card.
  8. Thanks a lot , all my papers are legal and my husband is a USC . My friends here who are GC holders are worried too .
  9. Thanks a lot @Ahmed & Amy I myself after the ordeal we had in SFC airport till now I could not believe that we are finally here , but still scared and worried about the SSC and GC . I am not sure whether I am going to get either of them or not.
  10. I already paid for the green card before travelingto USA. The visa itself is a temporary GC valid for one year .the stamp is just a proof that you entered the country. We will find out soon what politics do to us. Very bad indeed and very disappointed to have that feeling the moment you stepped in American soil
  11. Because of what is going on and people with green card were sent home or stopped from getting on a plane really scared me , I can not imagine after 18 months of waiting to join my husband then I find myself out of the country after giving away everything in my homeland : car , house , job ....
  12. Sorry to hear that , that's very frustrating , It was about to happen to me when I arrived at San Francisco airport and was kept for more than 5 hourse although I arrived just a day before signing that order. I am shocked of Trump's list he included 7 countries in which no one killed any American citizen or commit a terrorist attack in America, although there were 2369 American citizens killed by Saudi terrorists between the years 1975 -2015 .NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO comment .
  13. Hi VJ I am posting now from my home in San Francisco . It was a very tiring and painful experience . we arrived at SFC airport on 26 just a day before signing the executive order . They took my sealed package and passport and kept me for 5 hours and a half . Asking me where I was born , then of my both parents , my job in Egypt although all these information were there already . than I was asked to wait till they get an a reply , a reply means an order whether to let me in or send me back . and after waiting for long they gave us our passport and said OK you can go and collect your baggage , but I noticed that the stamp in my passport is faded and the term admitted is not there , while it is very clear in my kids passports , and inside the stamp the officer wrote IR1 D/S I don't know what D/S means . Now after what happened the next day of preventing even GC holders from entering the country I am not sure whether I will get my green card or not or even my social security.
  14. How long did it take you to get the physical green card
  15. Oh , that's why we are not allowed to open the package .