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  1. Green card stamp

    At the bottom of the visa sticker there is a line says that it is a temporary residency for one year.
  2. No , it doesn't , my husband applied for IR1 for us and we applied for a visiting visa but we got denied , I was told this is not the right visa for me , because my husband is a US citizen , after 2 years we had our interview for our IR1 visa and we got approved .
  3. Visa Pick up

    Ours took two weeks ,
  4. Need help!!!!

    That's not a lie , she is not going to get married or engaged there , she just wants to meet him in person .
  5. Need help!!!!

    To grant a tourist visa you shouldn't know anybody here , just tell them you go for sightseeing for a couple of weeks or a months, and you have to know the name of the hotel you will reside in , if you mention that your boyfriend will take care of you there you will never ever grant the visa , and you have to return home on time to be able to go again. But take my advice , let him comes first and meet with your family , you barely know the guy , the age difference is considered big. Going there all alone by yourself is not a good sign for a young girl with no experience but if your parents agree then forget about what I mentioned here.
  6. Thanks a lot. I will try hard to be patient for the sake of my husband and the kids although I missed my job in Egypt a lot.
  7. Well it's been 2 months since we came here, my two kids already joined public schools they are happy and already made friends , my elder son in high school is busy most of the time the gym and the track field so he is ok , my younger son is in middle school he is happy with the school as they don't have any home assignment unlike Egypt he used to spend three or four hours doing his assignment till he fell asleep on his desk , but here he does nothing when he comes home from school just playing music or surfing the internet or making videos , but for me I don't like his school , I am in the teaching career and I am that sort of people who want to see their kids sitting at their desks doing homework. Till now I couldn't find a job , there are plenty of jobs but not near where I live , I want a job near where I live , max.15 min driving not an hour driving as I used to be back home . So I feel a little bit bored cause I am a career woman, my husband wants me to work from home as he does, but I need to go out and meet people , I like talking to people and make friends . I missed my dogs a lot , I left them with my sister and she is so happy because they keep them busy most of the time my sister and her husband live all alone by themselves their kids are grown up and live in another country. Whenever she talks to me about the dogs and what they do , I feel jealous cause I miss them a lot. Staying at home most of the time gets on my nerve ,and I have a feeling if I can not get a job that help me earn my living and talk to other people apart from my husband , I may think of going back home .
  8. Physical Green card in hand , now what ?

    Thanks a lot , That's very much appreciated
  9. Hi VJ members , we received our 10 year green card within 3 weeks after arriving here , and our SSN within a week of our arrival. but my little son 14 didn't get his SSN till now although he received the green card . What's after obtaining a green card , what is the next step ?
  10. Age Different

    I don't think so because my husband is 16 year older than me , and it wasn't a red flag
  11. As long as you are married then non-immigrant visa is not the right one for your wife . Same happened to me in 2014 I applied for a B2 visa just to visit my husband and spend the summer vacation with him as I had no intention of immigrating , but at the interview although I brought all the evidence that let me return : bank statement , property , job . the CO said this is not the visa for you , your ties in American are much stronger than your ties in Egypt . And my husband applied for immigrant visa and waited for more than 18 months till we got approved.
  12. Yes I did , I paid on line before coming to US , it is $220
  13. Yeah . very depressing after the long wait almost 2 years , now we are subjected to get deported . But I think as long as they didn't mention H-1B , definitely they won't approach family based visa . They are talking about the visa lottery to cut down to half 500,000 instead of 1 million , but to my information I think it's been 500,000 all the time or I might be mistaken
  14. Hi VJ members You've been a great help for me , now as I already moved in California IR-1 visa , my kids joined schools , got my SSN , opened a bank account , now I am reading the California driving instructions handbook for the driving licence . Is there anything needed to be done while I am here concerning my situation as immediate relative till I get my GC ?