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  1. How long did it take you to get the physical green card
  2. Oh , that's why we are not allowed to open the package .
  3. HI VJ members I read the sealed package and what it contains : All our documents sent to the embassy , as long as the documents inside the sealed package are the same document we sent to NVC and to the embassy then why there is a warning not to open the sealed package and give it in the POE. what else could be enclosed in the package ? and what happens after we give the sealed package to the immigration officer.
  4. Try to look for solution if you want to save this marriage, think of the culture differences and her being away from her country, always the first year is tough, but if you are sure that all ways are blocked then divorce and move on.
  5. As long as she doesn't want you to apply for AOS for her and she would rather go back home , that means she hates being there , and I don't think she intends to cause you harm , all what she wants is to go back to her home country , I think she doesn't feel safe with you there , help her go back home and don't worry about your house , it obvious that you didn't even try to talk to her about what bothers her or made her change that way .
  6. we paid for the GC before 23rd of December but we were charged with the new fees $220 instead of $165
  7. After issued it takes 2 to 3 weeks till you get the passport in hand.
  8. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks , so within few days the status will change to issue
  9. Bare in mind that IR-1 takes from one year to 18 months but as long as you are there with your wife and children then no hurry and apply for it.
  10. The passports take 3 weeks to reach Aramix , if they already took your passports . BTW the ceac.state.gov doesn't regularly update the website , we already got the visa in our passports and my younger son's status still in AP
  11. It seems odd , you are a member that means you posted pretty good . Why you didn't try to reconcile with your wife as long as there is a baby already.
  12. So then I do not need international driving licence from here better save the money for something else.
  13. Congratulations , I really love window 15 , people there are more friendly than other windows . The GC fees not $165 anymore we paid $220 , or may be we were overcharged.
  14. Congratulations and best of luck with your new life in America
  15. Hi VJ As the big day will be at the end of January to relocate in San Francisco , I am busy getting everything ready before moving , Do I need international driving licence from Egypt or as long as I will be a permanent resident I am not allowed to use an international driving licence .