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  1. Hey: Thanks for your message and very sorry to hear that you are also experiencing the same situation. We continue too wait. We get texts indicating no status update. We are now waiting six months for the replacement card. Has anyone heard or received a status update? Again, we sent the I-90 in early February. Crazy how long this process takes. Thanks! Brian
  2. Hello Visa Journey Members: I hope everyone is well. It has been a long road to obtain the removal of conditions on my wife's green card. Last April (2016), we submitted the I-751 to remove the conditions for 10 years. We received an update in late November (2016) finally that it was approved and the card was to be delivered. We were ecstatic. Long story short, the card never arrived to our mailbox. Distraught, upset, etc., the USCIS said they could do nothing for us. The postal service could do nothing for us besides giving me a letter indicating it could have been misplaced in another mailbox since we live in a multi unit apartment building. We waited until early February (2017) hoping it would turn up or would be sent back to the USCIS office. It never arrived. We contacted our local congresswoman's office but they were not able to assist and informed us to submit the 1-90 form and payment once again. Obviously, it was greatly disheartening and mind boggling that they do not provide tracking numbers, etc. I would gladly pay $200 to do so but it is not an option nor having it delivered to our local USCIS. We sent in the I-90 in early February (2017), saw shortly after that they cashed the check and my wife had her biometrics screening in early April (2017). For the past month plus, we have not had any updates. Has this occurred to anyone else regarding the I-90 or having it lost/stolen? Do you know roughly when we should expect to receive the replacement card if we filed in February 2017 again for a replacement? It is frustrating since they approved her, indicated everything was sufficient and all is needed is the card! Trying to remain positive in a far too rigged and complex process. Thanks for your time and assistance in advance! Brian
  3. Hello: I am hoping the fine people on here can offer some some help and advice on what to do in our situation. We got wonderful news last night that my wife's 10 year green card renewal was approved. We have been waiting since early April 2016. The congratulatory letter was dated on November 28. However, the fun ended there... We saw at the very bottom of the letter that if you plan to travel between now and the 60 days before the green card arrives, you may not be allowed to enter back into the United States. We are going to Europe to visit family during Christmas and New Years this year and have had the trip booked for six months. We went on infopass and scheduled and appointment to meet with the local immigration office on December 14 to try and get a temporary travel stamp in her passport. Is this possible? Now the really fun part begins.... We currently live in an apartment building. After we got nervous about traveling for the holidays, it shows online for our case status that we were approved and the green card was already sent to us and delivered on November 25. How could this be when the letter is dated on November 28 and says it takes up to 60 days. We did not have anything in our mailbox and check everyday. We immediately called the USCIS and they have been of no help expect stating it was delivered and to speak to the local post office. The USPS site says it was delivered at 7:00pm on November 25. We always get our mail at 1:00pm each day. We called the postal office again and they said that they had a lot of workers sick and they outsourced the mail delivery that day, thus why it came later than normal. The woman on the phone said they did not know the neighborhood, it was dark and the mailboxes like the normal postal workers. So, basically it could be lost or not delivered to us properly. Again, it says delivered on the tracking sheet. We called back USCIS with this information and they said they cannot do anything. The only thing is fill out an I-90 form and pay the $450 again and it will take eight months or longer to get a replacement card!?!?. What are our options? Any suggestions on what to do next? I feel like we have paid the $450 in good faith, done everything right, and waited eight months already for it to arrive. This is beyond frustrating... Thank you for reading and again any assistance. Brian