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  1. Do you know: If he doesn't file the paperwork properly, or at all (which is, with him, a distinct possibility... I did most of the research and paper-filing during the process), and he remains in the country illegally, does the Affidavit of Support still stand or is that considered him terminating his residency? I wasn't able to find anything about this (they probably assume people will just continue the legal route, I guess).
  2. Actually, I do have a few more question. He would be applying to remove conditions in about 3 months, I believe. If we are not divorced by the time that happens, as I understand it, and he decides to stay in the country, he would have to apply under the fact that we are still a married couple (as in, not on his own like with the scenario Ayisi&Phyllis mentioned), which would require my signature on the paperwork. If I refuse to sign, what happens then? Does he just get an extension until after the divorce has finalized and then he applies on his own? Or could his window of opportunity close which would prevent him from getting his 10-year green card? What happens if he doesn't get the 10-year GC and stays in the country illegally? I'm only asking because he can sometimes have a bit of a vindictive streak, and his work history is not very stable (things I learned after our marriage), so I'm worried that he may actually become a liability and possibly use this to force me to pay him maintenance.
  3. Thank you for this. When we moved, he notified them of change of address, but I didn't know I also needed to do so.
  4. Thank you both, I think this has answered my questions
  5. Okay, thank you. This definitely helps point me in the right direction so far as research is concerned. So, if I'm reading this correctly, I'm essentially still obligated to ensure that he doesn't become a burden upon the state, correct, and I could be sued and forced to provide "maintenance" if he does? Is there a way to revoke this? Is there a period of time after which I am no longer obligated to provide this support?
  6. Whether he gets his 10 year GC is of no importance to me. If he wants to stay, great. If not, whatever. I really don't care one way or the other as it's his life, not mine. His residency is between him and the US government. My only goal is to move on with my life with the least amount of trouble and the most forewarning of potential issues as possible. The answer could be as simple as "you have no legal obligations, and the divorce will be no different than divorcing a USC". Or it could be more complicated than that. That's what I'm trying to find out.
  7. My question is if there is anything that I should be aware of, anything that I need to do (notify USCIS, etc), and so forth. I'm approaching this out of a desire to know my responsibilities as the USC and also to be prepared with knowledge of what to expect, and what has happened to other people in these circumstances (in order to avoid any potential difficulties). I'm not interested in him being deported, if that's what you're asking. I'm trying my best to get through this amicably because that will make both of our lives a lot easier. (Now, whether or not that happens is a little bit out of my hands; he's not particularly happy about the separation.) I want this to go as smoothly as possible so we can both go on with our lives. What he chooses to do with his life afterwards is none of my business, aside from any legal responsibilities I may have.
  8. I'd like to know if there's anything that, as the USC, I should do or be prepared for. Here are the details of my situation: - My husband and I married in December of 2013 - He received his conditional green card around September of last year - We have not yet filed to remove conditions - We are still in the investigation process of the divorce, so nothing has been filed quite yet (though it will likely be within the next two weeks) and we don't expect the divorce to be finalized until early next year - At the moment, he plans to stay in the US, if able (this may change) Any suggestions or experiences you would like to share?
  9. My husband did not have insurance when we did our taxes last year, because it costs $800/month (about what we pay in rent) to add him to my policy. There was a small fine that we had to pay, but that was it. Here is some information about the fines this year: If you're only uninsured for a small period of time (I believe it's four months, but I can't find corroboration of that), then you don't have to pay the fine. You'll still want to get yourself sorted as soon as you can, but if you're not able to do it immediately, it's not a huge deal. (Well, unless something catastrophic happens while you're uninsured, of course...)
  10. That's insane! It's already too high... and they want to make it higher?!?!