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  1. thanks guys! ill still try tho , if the give my baby a letter liked you said, to me is fine i dont mind how she gets in , with a GC or Citezenship as long as she gets in! so ill wait and see whats going to happen, i have a US appoiment on jan 26th so hopefully i can get this done with!
  2. form 2010-2013 i was illegall thats what im concern because my wife imigrant visa was approved! and theres no way i going to leave my baby behind! i can probably get rent contracts from 2010 to 2013 do you think that would help? i do have a lot of stuff paper work with me and my ex wife names on it, i was just trying to avoid it
  3. Traveling back in the us

    can you tell me a lil bit about your CRBA , how you did it what documents you took to the interview?
  4. hey guys im applying for my baby girl crba on the US consulate in a couple os days! here a lil bit about my story enter the US in 2010 in a tourist visa got married in 2013 to us citezen 2013 became a GC holder 2016 became a US CITIZEN got divorced in 2016 , and got married in 2017 to a brazillian citiezen before my child was born! i filled out all the paper work for the crba and they ask for a 5 year stay in us after the age of 14 i only have a couple os documents to take that dates back to 2013 such as phone bills, dmv ,insurances letters , old driver license dated back to 2010 and lot of USCIS LETTERS ! from my adjustament of my status, and such! do you guys thinks thats enough to prove to them i stayed more them 5 years in the US before the child is born?
  5. brazil birth abroad HELP!!

    thank you so much that really helped
  6. anyone how had register birth abroad in brazil? has a a doctor’s signed statement attesting to pre-natal treatment letter i can you so example for my doctor? algum brasileiro(a) tem um examplo de carta do pre natal para mim saber como fazer uma para meu doutor assinar?
  7. hey guys my parentes went to their interview for a IR5 VISA my 2016 taxes was below the poverty line to sponsor both of them! so they ask for a CO SPONSOR but my 2017 taxes is way more them the poverty line they ask for! which im filling them on IRS open date january 29th do you guys think they accept my 2017 taxes ? or still ask for a CO SPONSOR? btw they approve evertyhing on the interview acceppt to taxes! so they told us to send the package by mail , so they can issue the visas!
  8. you right , but you know parents how they worried about everything what im upset about is that NVC approved the taxes but the consul didnt, if they knew it wanst enough they shouldve said some! but it is what it is ! but thats great knew for you mom! congrats
  9. so they went to the interview at 9 am this morning! i guess everything went right, but my taxes wasnt enough! which i dont understand because on my taxes i made $49,890 so they kept the passport and told them to send a CO SPONSOR by FAX in order to send the the visa in to production! so i guess it wasnt that bad!
  10. anymore news on your mom´s package or visa aproval? my parents interview is this friday!
  11. thats good to know do any of you guys know how much is the fee for the GC ?
  12. thanks that really helped! my dad is freaking out about the interview ! congrats!
  13. hey how did it go? telll us got my parents interview on jan 5!
  14. hey im filling for my parents too when did you get the email saying it was waiting the interview ? and how many days till you got the email with the interview date? im also filling for my parents and on 11/07 i got an email sayng it was acceppet and waiting to schechuling the interview! im so anxious!
  15. Hey guys just stoping by to thanks everyone For the support and the help I got here I really appreciate all of you guys! Did my citizenship test two weeks ago I was too nervous but it was easier than I thought I was lucky to get a younger US CI S officer ... Everything went smooth and I got a decision to days after saying that I was approved and my ceremony will be in September 21 so yay I'm excited finally became a US citizen! I hope all you guys are doing good and are getting approved as quickly as possible! So yeah that was my experience I loved every step of the way you guys really help me! ??????????