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  1. I signed up for text notification. I got a text when it was being printed. When it shipped and when it was delivered. Check your case status and it should update as the card is processed.
  2. The bank and credit card statements should be samples from the past 2 years not just the past 12 mo. ( if you have them)
  3. I used binder clips and post it file tabs to label the folder. I also labeled each page with my husbands name and A# that I printed out on small address labels. I put the completed file inside a manila envelope ( had to put two together) then mailed it to them in a flat rate box. I wrote all my husband's info on the manila envelope.
  4. My husband received his green card last night. I wanted to make a note that this didn't come with the normal mail. It came later in the day. It came around 4:30 pm (per the USPS website). I didn't even know it was in the mail box till I got a text and email at 9;30 pm. After you're approved you may want to do a 2nd check of your mail later in the day.
  5. I sent a bank statement for every 3rd month (4 per year). You can have your parents fill out a renters agreement for you. Saying they are allowing you and your wife to stay there for free for x months but you are responable for the upkeep of the house. I would just make sure you send a very detailed letter explaining everything. I would also have your parents send a detailed noterized letter explaining thing from their end. I don't know if what you have is enough or not. It seems every case is different on what is enough or not. What other items do you plan to send?
  6. H[quote name="nzawake2" we connected our credit card payment with joint accounts, so I need to prepare some credit card statements ? I think now is not the time to skimp on evidence . I would send every page of every bank account and credit card you have. Starting from the date your wife came to the current month. Maybe highlight which are your checks being deposited and which is hers. Make a note of which transactions are for what utilities. Note which transaction is for her cell phone and yours or if together note that. Now is the time to explain every transaction to show mingling of money and to prove you are not keeping separate accounts.
  7. I didn't send any mortgage statements. I sent a letter saying I bought the house 7 years before I got married and I plan to add my husband when I do a refi. I said I didn't have very many utilities in my husbands name because the companies didn't want to put his name on the bill because they said there was no need to. I told them that I didn't put my husbands car in both our names because I wanted him to have something he could say was his. I said that I have my own car and so does my son and it's only fair my husband did to. And if they want to hold that against us I was fine with that. I sent 6 or 8 bank statements ( plus check stubs from my husband for each month so they could verify that it was his check being deposited), 6 gas bills, 4 vet bills, 2 home / auto insurance bills, 5 medical bills for my husband paid by my insurance. I sent a paper from our works showing him as my beneficiary and me as his. Then I had 8 or 10 sales receipts for items I ordered online and sent to my husband. Items they could tell were for my husband.(like we order Turkish tea online because I can't find it here.) Theses were the only solid things I had. The rest were copies of mail showing his name and our home address, cards from friends showing both our names and home address. 3 letters from friends and 1 from my husbands boss saying our marriage was real. Like you I have almost every bill auto deducted. I live on my debit card. I don't get any paper bills. But I was able to go online and print off the gas bills and the gas company is the only one that would add my husbands name to the actual bill. I'm sorry they are asking you for more evidence. Is it possible that you have another account connected to this one ( like a savings account) ? Maybe they want to see copies of that account too. If you have large amounts transferred out of your checking to another account they may think you're keeping separate accounts.
  8. We received a text that my husbands card was mailed today. Congrats to Those that have recently received their new cards!
  9. Did you send every page of the bank Statement? I only had one bill changed to my husbands name. But I had online invoices that showed things I ordered online and sent him.( same bill to ship to address) I sent Vet bills showing both names. I also sent a long letter explaining why his name was not on anything. ( mortgage, bills,and why we didn't have both names on the cars) If you have two cars usually everyone is list on the insurance bill. You should be able to get copies of those. I would start printing out everything. I also sent copes of card and envelopes showing both our names that were mailed to us. My package was pretty thick but it was missing a few core things and we were approved. I just explained why they were missing.
  10. We came through Chicago too. My Husband went in the same line as me. Then we both went the to the area where they took his package and waited together. One of officers was complaining it was a busy day for new immigrants. But overall they were nice about everything.
  11. Congrats everyone. Hopefully we can start seeing some Vermont approvals soon.
  12. I wouldn't worry at this point. I only had 1 utility in both name. The rest were still in my name. The mortgage was in my name. My car was in my name and his in his name. The car insurance was in both names. I just sent a letter explaining why with my package. I didn't get a RFE and was approved with no issues. If you want to feel safer about it you can change it now. And start going online and printing off the bill each month so you have them if you do get a RFE.
  13. We received an email tonight that my husbands green card is being produced. Thank God no RFE or interview. Glad this is almost over... I will update tomorrow when I'm on the PC.
  14. Do you have Vet bill or can you get copies of them? My vet bills come in both mine and my husband's name. I sent them in with our package because I only have one utility in both our names.