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  1. Incredible difficult Visa journey

    Honestly, I’m not quite sure what kind of response you are expecting from any of these government officials. You are inquiring about how you can be with a married woman. The first step would be for her to get a divorce. If she is unwilling to divorce (for whatever reason) then I don’t see much hope at all in your case.
  2. It would be advisable to run a quick check of your fiance’s tax filings for 2017 as both single and as married. As someone else mentioned, the courthouse may not be open on New Year’s Day. In addition, it may be beneficial tax-wise to file as married for 2017. You can do that by marrying the last day of the year.
  3. US Moroccan marriage.

    I would strongly recommend NOT marrying on the first trip. Go to meet your fiance. Spend time with him and his family. Get comfortable with this place that you will surely be visiting often if you two marry. Then, come home and think if this is really the path for you. If it is meant to be, then you can marry on the second trip. So many visas get denied when people get married on the first trip. Of course, I know there are exceptions. Multiple visits not only helps your chances of receiving a visa, but it's also good for your relationship and your future.
  4. Great statement, but not very helpful at this time. Does anyone have an actual answer? Or are you just guessing?
  5. I've applied for N-400 and done the biometrics. Currently waiting for the interview to be scheduled. And I can't find my green card. Can I finish the citizenship process without the green card?
  6. If you are not concerned with her working right away, then file the K-1. The K-1 will get her here quicker. The only advantage of the CR-1 is that she would receive the green card directly and be eligible to work. If that isn't an issue, then coming on a K-1 and waiting to Adjust Status isn't a big deal.
  7. My husband was a mess his first year here. It takes time. Your wife would probably like to adjust to life here, but if she feels pressured by you to speak to people at church or school that could cause anxiety and have the opposite effect of what you are hoping for. Give her time, patience, and understanding. She is going to have to slowly figure this out for herself. I think you're expectations for this adjustment period are too high. Getting her involved with the church and signed up for school were great things for you to do, but now you need to step back and wait for her to feel comfortable enough in these environments to open up, be herself, and make friends naturally.
  8. Yep, it will cause problems in the future. But really what choice do you have? You can't come on this K-1 anyways. And even if you did, you can't marry someone else and adjust your status when you entered on a K1.
  9. How do you plan to adjust status in the future?
  10. Here it is from the USCIS website: https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/after-green-card-granted/conditional-permanent-residence/remove-conditions-permanent-residence-based-marriage If You Are In Divorce Proceedings But Are Not Yet Divorced If you are still married, but legally separated and/or in pending divorce or annulment proceedings, and: You filed a waiver request. We will issue a request for evidence (RFE) specifically asking for a copy of the final divorce decree or annulment (if applicable).
  11. Without police reports, it is very unlikely to be approved with an Extreme Cruelty. Your lawyer doesn't sound very knowledgeable with how this works. When the time comes, apply to remove your conditions with the Divorce Waiver. With the initial petition you can send in proof that the divorce has been filed along with an explanation that the divorce is still pending. They will send you an RFE for the final divorce decree. When the divorce is final, you can send them proof of that.
  12. You missed my point. You have plenty of evidence to remove conditions with a divorce waiver. Just file for divorce, and when it is final, then apply to remove your conditions with the divorce waiver.
  13. I think it's time to stop worrying about what your wife may or may not be doing. It's obvious that this marriage is heading for divorce. Everything she and her friends are saying about not being able to remove conditions on your own are not true. You seem to have plenty of evidence on joint finances, and there is no reason to include any of these: Ø Prescriptions from psychiatrist regarding mental abuse Ø Our thousands chats and texts during relation Ø Proof of psychological tortures Ø Proof of abandonment Ø Proof of threats Ø Proof of infidelity -------------------------------------- Have you filed the I-751 yet? If you have not filed, when are you eligible to file it?
  14. In that case, I think either route would work fine for you. The K-1 visa route is much faster, but you would miss out on the Moroccan wedding
  15. I think which direction you choose will also depend on how you gained your US citizenship. Did you marry a US citizen? If yes, what was the timing of that relationship? Meaning, did you move here to marry a US citizen and immediately start an online relationship with a 19-year old from back home? Did you receive your US citizenship and immediately file for divorce? those kinds of factors.