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  1. So, just a little update on my ROC journey. We handled everything ourselves up until this point but we decided to use some professional help and hired an attorney to handle our RFE. I've finally managed to get all of the evidence our attorney suggested and are submitting this week. I've scheduled an INFO PASS appointment as I will be traveling internationally at the end of May. This has been a long tedious process and I am relieved that it is finally almost over!! I feel confident in the additional evidence we are providing and keeping my fingers crossed it isn't another year long wait to hear from USCIS! Wish us luck!! Thank you for all of your continued help!!
  2. I am a January 2016 filer. I received an RFE last week. Hopefully that means Vermont cases are finally being looked at. Good luck!
  3. My local filing office is Vermont. They are asking for more evidence. It's a bit difficult because my husband and I don't have shared credit cards, loans, cars and we don't own our home. We're drawing up wills and powers of attorney, sending our 2015 joint tax returns, our joint health insurance information, our shared cell phone bills, submitting more bank statements (we sent every statement beginning in September 2013 through to the present) and providing notarized Affidavits. I'm at a loss for what else to submit. We're considering speaking with an immigration attorney.
  4. Thank you for the response. Now that I've had a chance to digest it, I'm feeling better. I literally read the letter and came right on here because I feel like you all understand the stress that comes along with all of this. I will let you know what happens!
  5. I just wanted to give everyone an update. After waiting a year I finally received a response from USCIS in the form of an RFE. I'm pretty upset. My status online did not change. I received the notice in the mail.
  6. I think we are all feeling the exact same way. As another poster said, perhaps our online status wont change but we will all be surprised with our green cards in the mail! *fingers crossed*
  7. I do the same thing. I was out of town for over a week and was really hoping I would come home to the notice. Keeping my fingers crossed we all hear something soon!
  8. Ugh, right?? I hate complaining it's just so darn frustrating!
  9. Raise your hand if you're frustrated and want your case status to say anything besides "Your case was received". Lol!! But seriously, this waiting game is brutal!!!
  10. Oh my gosh! That's great news!!! Congrats!! Hopefully this means they are slowly working through the rest of the Vermont January filers!!
  11. New form - Vermont I'm happy for all of the approved applicants!! Congrats everyone!! I was getting a tiny bit worried but now I see that literally nobody that filed in January has been approved by Vermont.
  12. Can someone update me? I received my Biometrics appointment. It is scheduled for 02/19 (Vermont Service Center)
  13. Finally got my receipt notice today! It's dated January 19, 2016. Can someone update me? Thanks!!
  14. Hello Fellow Canucks! I see this topic posted often and I just wanted to give some input to those of you who are either needing to renew or reapply for a Canadian Passport. I added my husband's last name to mine, therefore, I had to apply for a new passport. I live close to the Canadian border (Fort Erie) so I decided to apply for my new passport IN St. Catherines, Canada. It saves you over $100.00! My main concern with doing so was crossing the Canadian border with 1) An expired passport and 2) After applying for my new one the old one has holes in it, to show that you have reapplied. I, like many others, was nervous that the border would turn me around going back into the U.S. OR turn me around going back into Canada to pick up my passport. I am happy to report that I crossed into Canada today without any hassles and picked up my new passport. So, if you decide to apply in Canada make sure you bring your Passport Receipt, Birth Certificate, Green Card and Expired Passport. Applying in person was a breeze, as long as you have all of your documents ready. Picking it up in person saves you a huge chunk of change. I recommend getting to the passport office as soon as they open to avoid waiting. I hope that helps!