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    We've been engaged for 4 years already, we grew up on the same small town. Our mothers are childhood friends. We have a great relationship and love each other to death. "You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for."

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  1. Sorry I meant to say I-90 (I can't edit the original post anymore). USCIS said to file for an I-90 and select USCIS had made a mistake - so I did not have to pay.
  2. No, I wasn't married for 2 years yet. I married 12/10/12, filed right after getting married. And no, I did not have to pay for the second I-90. USCIS told me it was free - there is an option to select on the form labeled as "USCIS made a mistake" or something like that.
  3. Hello, My case is a little odd. I brought my fiancee through a K1 - she entered the U.S. September 20th, 2012. We filed for Adjustment of Status after we got married. However when we got the green card, about 6-7 months after, it had an incorrect expiration date on it. Instead of expiring Sept 2014 it was expiring Sept 2013. None the less, we filed for a I-751 to lift conditions thinking the card was about to expire on 2013. Shortly after we filed, about 2-3 months in, we get our packet back with an apology letter from a USCIS leadership staff stating they had printed an incorrect date on the card and ordered us to file I-485 AGAIN so that they can fix the date. Well, here's the catch..... we went ahead and filed another i-485, however when we got the card, it was NOT a temporary card. It is a full, non-conditional resident green card. My question is: Does this mean we do not have to file I-751? They gave her a card without restrictions whatsoever and did not informed us anything else was needed. It's Sept 2015 and we've yet to filed for I-751 (I mean we did, but it was returned to us). Since she has already been 3 years here, we were thinking of applying for her citizenship but I still have doubts on whether this can affect us during the filing process. What do you guys think? USCIS really did messed up on their end - I did file for I-751, so I don't think it was negligence on my behalf. Thoughts, suggestions? Let me know. Thank you