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Welcome to VisaJourney!


I want to take a moment and welcome you to VisaJourney. You will find that this community was designed from the ground up to be a friendly and welcoming environment so that you can relax and help discover your path through all the immigration issues ahead.

We are a community dedicated to providing general information and discussion to anyone considering or in the process of immigrating to the United States. Whether you are bringing a family member or loved one to be with you, or are deciding to take job and move to the US, you are welcome to join our community. VisaJourney is filled with people just like you who are going through or have been through the same thing you are undertaking right now. US immigration can certainly be confusing however at VisaJourney you may find that talking to people in the same situation can often make things a bit easier!

VisaJourney holds a wealth of information, links and support and is constantly growing to help serve our community better. Please take a moment to take a look at the many features at VisaJourney. These areas of the site are designed to make finding information, help and new friends at VisaJourney easy! You will also find a convenient Search Bar at the top of every page which will assist you in finding information on the site!

So where to begin?

We always suggest you start your journey my registering here. You will need to fill in a few bits of information and confirm your account via an email sent to you (all of which takes only minutes). We then suggest that you take some time to look over the site and when you feel comfortable, to introduce yourself :)!

If you ever get lost, book mark the VisaJourney Features Page. This page will help you navigate our community!

In general we always suggest that you stop by the Forums to see what's new. The forums are clearly divided into categories based on the different phases of your journey. While you are there make sure to remember the search function at the top of every page. You may find this very useful to find general information from old posts in the forums.

An additional feature that you might interesting is the Portal Page where you can easily find members from your respective Country and even locally that are going though the immigration process themselves.

Finally, all members are encouraged to create a timeline on the site, which can be updated by over time. This will allow you to track your case as well as to compare it to others, while at the same time automatically generating useful statistics that help everyone. You will even get estimated approval dates for your immigration case!

Remember that at any time you are always welcome to send us your feedback. We are all here to share our experiences, lessons learned, and be there for each other as we get through the visa journey ahead!

One last note! To add/edit your settings and profile you need to go to "My Controls" located in the lower menu bar of the Forums page. Here you will find everything relevant to your account. On the left hand side you will see a list of items that you can change/add/edit.

Best Wishes,

- The VisaJourney Family

If you need more help check out these two videos!
Creating a New Topic in the Forums  and  Adding a Signature to your Posts / Profile