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  • Vietnam US Family & Marriage Visa Approvals by Month

    Each month, VisaJourney dives into the official US State Department data and captures the latest Family & US visa approval trends for K1, CR1, IR1 and IR5 visas. This page is updated monthly.


    • K1 Visa processing is still low and trending down.  It's below average after a 3 month pause in processing last summer, indicating a backlog.
    • IR1 Visa and CR1 Visa processing times are below pre-Covid rates.  There was a processing surge that seems to have made a dent in the backlog due to the 3 month pause last summer.
    • IR5 Visa processing had a HUGE surge in April-May showing an all hands on deck effort to process the backlog after 11 months of being stopped.  This is very promising!  It does appear to be ramping back now as the backlog is cleared.


    The full data is below.  What are your thoughts?




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